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  1. Maybe he can get things going again for the Blue. It's been along time since we could feel confident going into a tough game. One of the bigger issues at PT has been the lack of player turnout. Back in the day we'd have over a hundred players. One interview with Barber discussed how they barely have 30 guys who can play. Not sure why the guys don't wanna play. The school has lots of history and we were proud to represent the school. Times change I guess.
  2. Paducah Tilghman's field is a good one. The stadium itself is fantastic and holds around 1500 or so. It has an old school feel to it.The only place you'll find dirt is around home plate and the bases. The infield is all grass.
  3. I think it depends on how bad PT wants it. They are young and have some good players. Laster is a freshman and is doing very well averaging around 9pts. Thomas, Reed, and Workman all average around the same. If Reed is to get noticed and increase his stock, he'll need to get to Rupp this year.
  4. I keep thinking Tilghman should be better than they are, but they have a lot of first year players. But then again, if Reed and Thomas are in the top ten of their classes, maybe they should be better. What does everyone else think?
  5. The big question is whether or not he'll be like a lot of mountain players and freak out when he gets to the city and come running back home.
  6. I wanna say that Alec is going to Lindsey Wilson, but not sure. The web isn't giving up any info on him.
  7. The last time we played Belfry in the title game was 1985. We won that one 29-14. That was my senior season.
  8. The last time PT caught fire at the end of the season (2009) they went all the way. They beat Central in the Semi's and beat an undefeated Somerset to win it all. Would be nice if they could do it again this year.
  9. If Tilghman can keep the momentum going maybe they can beat Etown and Caldwell in the playoffs. Hope so.
  10. 47-39 PT in the 3rd. Total game yards is over a thousand.
  11. I listened to the game. At times, Tilghman played sloppy. Too many penalties during a short span, but otherwise a good game. It seems they are playing with more confidence than earlier in the year.
  12. Tilghman leading 48-3 at the end of the 3rd quarter.
  13. McRight Field is one of the finest facilities to play football.
  14. Not to mention he inherits two young players that are expected to do things.
  15. From what I am hearing, the players are really excited about playing for a former NFL player in Barber. They have talked about how he talks about the game of football, rather than the x and o's. If the excitement level stays high, I would expect Tilghman to do well this year.
  16. My comment wasn't aimed at anyone in particular. Just a general comment.
  17. Not sure how this thread got to be about Wyatt, but unless coach Rogers talked to you personally, you have no idea why he left. That is why I don't listen to other people regarding a decision someone makes.
  18. Wondering why, since he has two players in the top ten in their classes. He has talked about retiring from coaching before, but backed out since he has JJ Reed and Rodriquez Thomas. He said that PT basketball will be exciting for the next few years. Guess he changed his mind.
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