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  1. Hopefully these freshman can stay together and be responsible and not get into trouble. If so, the future looks bright for the Blue.
  2. Ya'll need to keep an eye on Tilghman's freshman running backs. They seem to be pretty good so far. Long way to go though. Hopefully they can stay healthy and bring PT back to the promised land.
  3. Wishing the PT squad a good season.
  4. Tilghman is second in the state in total wins. Sadly, they rank first in first-round losses in the Sweet 16.
  5. All the match ups seem to be fair. Honestly, no team has an easy road to Lexington.
  6. Close score. Tilghman can play when they want to.
  7. Although I'm a Paducah Tilghman graduate, I'm pulling for Mayfield.
  8. This year's State finals only has one team from the western part of the state, Mayfield. Goes to show that the rest of us in the western part of the Commonwealth have a lot of work to do. Eastern Kentucky is shining bright right now. Maybe next year we can flip the script.
  9. A lot of Louisville schools tend to be a bit overconfident when playing outside Louisville. I'm sure they've never heard of Tilghman and think this will be a practice session. They'll wake up soon after kickoff.
  10. If Tilghman can keep turnovers to a minimum and play with a focus, they will win this one.
  11. Not sure of where the nickname came from, but we were called that name throughout the football season.
  12. Pics from Paducah Tilghman's AAA State Championship in 1985 Coach Allan Cox Paducah Tilghman vs Belfry Fun Ton 1985
  13. Greg understands the tradition at Tilghman. Hopefully he can get the job done and bring the First Region title back.
  14. 105-25 with the girls in four years, 55-33 with the boys in 3. Not sure what the problem was with the boys.
  15. Wasn't Rodriguez Thomas on the Junior All-Star team this past summer? Not living up to it at all if he was.
  16. I know Coach Thomas did a good job coaching the girls, but he seems to have issues with the guys.
  17. Does anyone have any information about Tilghman's schedule? It seems off from what they normally do. No Superman tourney, and they were scheduled to play in a tourney in Dec. but didn't play. I believe they were supposed to play Warren Central.
  18. Does anyone know why Tilghman isn't playing in the Rafferty's Shootout? It was on their schedule a week or so ago and is no longer there. I believe they were scheduled to play Warren Central.
  19. I listened to the game online. It sounded like they have a good group of guys. The announcer said that they can go 10 deep. Hopefully they can get it together and have a great season.
  20. If Tilghman can stay away from another mid-season collapse they should be in Rupp.
  21. With all of the attention he is getting I wouldn't want him on my team. Too much of a distraction.
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