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  1. Tilghman consistently puts players in D1 schools and the NFL. Not many schools in KY can say that. Unfortunately, they don't put it all together to win State very often. Hopefully Coach Barber can use what he has learned at the college level to bring them back to where they need to be.
  2. Who are they playing that will make them 0-4? Their schedule hasn't even been released yet.
  3. I haven't read anything about his style or what he likes to do as far as coaching. PT always has talented guys, so maybe he can whip them into shape.
  4. One thing I hope he can do is motivate the players to do the best they can. He is a motivational speaker, so maybe he can do it. But one of Tilghman's ill's the last few seasons has been a lack of size. Some of their players are very small. Size does matter on the front line.
  5. Will he let Randy Wyatt back on the staff? They played together on the '88 team. Despite what others may think of Randy, he did win a State Title.
  6. Just read this on WPSD website. Wonder if there is a connection with Rodgers leaving?
  7. Just read today that the PT girls basketball coach was let go. According to the WPSD website, he was surprised and a bit disappointed. Maybe a connection with Rodgers leaving?
  8. Everyone is making good points. All I'm saying is that if a schools players have success at the next level, to me, that is more important than a State title.
  9. I judge a program based on how many players move on to the next level. You can win all the State titles you want, but if very few of your players go on to college, in my book you failed. Right now Tilghman has three players in the NFL and when Josh Forrest gets drafted, it'll be four. Can Boyle say that? Male probably can, as well as Trinity. Mayfield, as awesome as they are, do not have anyone in the NFL.
  10. Although I am a Tilghman fan, I think Central is the team to beat. Their schedule was tough and they did a great job.
  11. Would anything happen if this were to be Highlands and Trinity? The KHSAA would probably overlook it.
  12. I have seen a lot of team photos and their lack of size concerns me. I'll take Tilghman in this one for no other reason than being an alumni.
  13. Tilghman usually plays a tough schedule, which is why their win/loss can be a bit misleading. The 2009 State title year can attest to that. PT has been their own worst enemy for about the last decade. You can't start off with a first and ten and end up with a third and twenty and expect to win. Hopefully Coach Rogers can put an end to the mistakes and put them back on the winning track.
  14. Tilghman should be fine for this year. Getting used to a new system can be a challenge. McCracken and Reitz are good programs, so I don't think we have anything to worry about.
  15. I would like to see coach Haskins do really well this year. He's come close to winning a State championship several times. It will be tough in 6A.
  16. My favorite stadium of course is Paducah Tilghman. It can seat 8,500 but can cram around 11,000. Plenty of box seats, standing room around the field, and several places to get refreshments and souvenirs. The stadium always gets an A+ rating by the KHSAA.
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