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  1. The word is that in either '78 or '79 the Tilghman/Mayfield game had right at 11,000 at McRight Field. The stadium seats 8,500.
  2. Tilghman needs to continue to improve for the playoffs. Things are looking better.
  3. If this kid wasn't a "superstar", would anyone even care?
  4. Tilghman seems to have their act together. They are playing hard-hitting ball right now while using the run to their advantage. The passing game is still a work in progress and hopefully will mature.
  5. Good win for Tilghman. The way they are playing makes me think they may be onto something this year.
  6. Their schedule isn't the best by any means. It would be difficult for them to advance in the playoffs. It would be a shame to have a good season only to bug out in the first round.
  7. I think PT is playing with a lot of confidence right now. Despite the loss, I think they will rebound well enough to win this one.
  8. Tilghman is ranked #5 in the AP poll. It's been a long time since they've been that high.
  9. I like what Kurt Barber said in his last season as head coach. He said that "we have the talent to compete with anyone in the state, but the desire to win isn't there."
  10. It seems like it takes everything they've got just to score 50 points. Very disappointing.
  11. By any chance does anyone know what has happened to PT? They were at their A-game in January but fell flat during the Superman tourney. I have listened to some games and it seems they really don't come to play. JJ Reed seems to be doing well, but some of the other guys can't seem to score or do much at all.
  12. Tilghman will have to play their best to make it to Rupp. Marshall is no push-over, and Graves beat them once already. McCracken may be the one to beat this time.
  13. Right now PT is an embarrassment. They are so much better than the last seven games. Bench the starters and put in another 5.
  14. Tilghman usually does well in the Superman Classic. It's not an easy tournament.
  15. Glad to see Reed taking the lead at Tilghman. They'll need him come tourney time.
  16. Glad to see Paducah Tilghman in the top 20. If they can continue to improve, they'll make a run in March. Their defense still needs improving if they hope to do any real damage.
  17. From my understanding, Tilghman played without JJ Reed because he was taking an ACT exam.
  18. The Tilghman logo is copyrighted. I believe that there is only one place that can make the official logo, and that is a printing company in Paducah. There are so many copies and none of them look very good at all.
  19. I'd love to see Fulton City make some noise. This program has struggled for way too long.
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