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  1. So from a close game at Mayfield or a blowout at a neutral site. Makes perfect sense to me. SMH
  2. Mayfield holding their own against CAL's Mr. Everything.
  3. Crowd is a little different when Mayfield host sub state. First off, we are THE only game around. Expect to see plenty of letter jackets representing other teams there. Second, old school fans that don't live around here make it back for Thanksgiving and look forward to seeing a team they may catch once every couple of years. When you have company in for the holiday weekend and you live in Mayfield, this is the ONLY thing going Friday night. Great weather should also make for huge, and hopefully rowdy crowd.
  4. If we were seeding 2A, this would be the right match-up. One Danville against a four seed Glasgow. Ads by 35.
  5. Mayfield found themselves in an unusual position last year when CAL came back and took the lead. Cards started pressing and it got away from them quickly. Play every down and make them all count, no wasted plays next week.
  6. Best of luck to Coach Starnes. Always got the most out of the players that took the field for him.
  7. Yeah, given up touchdown passes about four or five times this season there, most notably against Corbin. It seams that teams would go "back to the well" until it doesn't work anymore. Very interested to see how we match up next week. Given that these coaches know just how dangerous Wright can be after last year, I cant wait to see what they come up with.
  8. Take away the OC touchdown and they finish the game with 30 yards of offense. It was just a matter of time before Mayfield started rolling up the points. As I expected, this ended up being the most lopsided of the last three. There may be a long line at the confessional this weekend for some of those that call Owensboro home. SMH
  9. Mayfield has gotten bogged down in the red zone twice, settled for 3 each time. OC breaks one big pass on a jump ball catch and takes it to the house. Mayfield is owning the offensive stat line, but only has 13 pts to show for it.
  10. I just want to watch Coach Edge jump up and down and go off on the officials when he doesn't get a call. He's done this last two Mayfield games, it's quite entertaining to watch. I've always thought when your constantly on the officials, you already know that your going to need a few extra breaks to come away with the win. Let's see how quickly he gets a animated tomorrow.
  11. This one will be the most lopsided of the last three. 45 - 20 Mayfield
  12. Murray shot themselves in the foot a couple of times in the first half. Honestly, if the Aces were really that good they would have put Murray away a lot earlier.
  13. Not sure of his name, he is the new sports editor. He picked Edmonson by like two touchdowns. The rest of the picks panel had Tilghman.
  14. Fellow that writes for the Sun is clueless when it comes to picking winners.
  15. Sloppy weather could make for these 2 offensive teams to be more conservative. It seems Mayfield is the better of the two , but Caldwell has put together a long winning streak after the loss to Christian Co. Should be another great test heading into the playoffs for both teams.
  16. McCracken going to melt the clock, Henderson fans headed home .
  17. Dramatic win to go along with, at least up to now, a storybook season.
  18. Depends on your district. They can petition to not be a part of the later start date if tourism isn't a significant part of the local economy
  19. Just find a suitable pair of goalposts, my only complaint of APSU. I've seen better at a middle school practice field.
  20. Should be a running clock by, or just after, halftime. JV should finish this up. Good luck to the Mayfield JV Monday night at McCracken.
  21. The remaining schedule for Logan Co. Is very favorable. 8 & 2, 9 & 1?
  22. Three of the Mayfield turnovers turned into three of the McCracken touchdowns. Two of those three on a short field. That's a no no.
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