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  1. No, and I don't need to. All I have to do is look up his highlights. He runs straight up and down. He has quick hips, but doesn't accelerate out of his cuts. All his big runs are open lanes going play side and making a guy miss. No cut backs to speak of, even at the second level (lacks vision). He's very fast. But he's also racking up numbers against some really bad teams. For a guy his size I didn't see a lot of broken tackles either. He's a starting linebacker at the 6A level, but I don't see him starting for Cooper, Conner, or Ryle. Plus, he has no catches that I saw in the games I watched (I just checked him out against Beechwood, NCC, and Bethlehem). He's got the makings of a good college player on D, and he's a good running back, but he's not close to being the best in NKY.
  2. NKY football isn't on par with Louisville football, much less the beat of the Lexington area (Lafayette and Scott County). Until some teams up here start beating those teams consistently you just can't make that statement.
  3. If the receiver was ineligible I don't believe he can be interfered with. I also don't think he can go downfield.
  4. You've got the best QB and RB in NKY and two offensive lineman on the left side that will play college football. I don't think that's the play you want to call inside the 10 yard line.
  5. Have to disagree. I don't know that these two teams can even beat Scott Co./Lafeyette, much less X, T, and Male. The good news is we'all find out in 4 more weeks.
  6. The problem with the Camels is they are inept on offense. And it's not for lack of talent.
  7. Did the holding occur before or after the interception?
  8. 4.7 40. Maybe D2, IVY, or Service Academy. Great offers, but don't meet the definition of "Big Time" most have. Great kid that will do well wherever he ends up.
  9. He doesn't have the measurables to garner any offers at this point. I'm sure recruiting will pick up for him next summer.
  10. You obviously didn't watch the game last Friday.
  11. Having seen both, I'd have to go with Cooper. Conner can put together a great half, but seems to struggle as the game goes on. Cooper by 2 scores.
  12. If Conner can stop the run, watch out. It seems Ryle has abandoned their passing game.
  13. It's been that time for about a decade. Not many teams do less with more than Henry Clay.
  14. I thought the college coach coming down to coach high school (while also being a Tilghman alum) was the answer to everyone's prayers. Guess not.
  15. Trinity will probably write them a bigger check than what they would get hosting the game themselves.
  16. I can't see anyone making a logical argument for putting Ryle in front of SK at this point.
  17. I would think a random draw would be the most equitable way to fill out a bracket. I'd would also argue, due to numbers, that 1A and 2A should have bye weeks because they would automatically be at a disadvantage and have no chance of winning 3 straight games. I know it's all hypothetical, but it'd be nice to see.
  18. Definite moral victory. Nothing wrong with sprinkling that in later in the year. "We were 1 play away from beating Elder...we can play with anyone in Kentucky!"
  19. It doesn't matter how good your DL is when the ball comes out quick. Those guys will wear down playing both ways against a top 6A team and then it won't matter. Especially if they get down a score or two early. And you realize Lafayette has one of the best lineman in America. Ryle has a junior lineman with a D1 offer to a MAC school. They aren't slouches. They just don't look as good in comparison because they play against better people week in and week out.
  20. McCracken is not a good 6A team. Belfry is better (more talented) than the teams they play. They are also well coached at what they do. But when those top 6A teams can put 11 guys within 8 yards you're not running the ball consistently. Plus, they have a passing games that will test secondaries that don't see a lot of great passing QB's. They're not winning.
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