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  1. Your statement is false. There was mutual interest from both sides. They just couldn't get all the details worked out.
  2. Some like a lot more smoke than fire with this one.
  3. Ryle's defense should be better. They lost some great players but will add a lot of size and depth that should help as the season wears on and some of their juniors to be get their feet wet at the varsity level.
  4. I would flip flop Cov Cath and Ryle. The rest of the list looks good to me.
  5. Does no one want to say that they are trying to lure Perry Thomas over from Campbellsville University?
  6. It depends on if he utilized the restraint correctly.
  7. Also know that because of a state funding agreement that what put into law a long time ago, Boone County sends more money than any district to the rest of the state. So while we have a great tax base, a big portion of that gets sent to other counties across Kentucky.
  8. Why do you think Scott County is splitting. Why not build one big school and move everyone there instead of having half the kids stay in the old building? Because the state will only let schools get so big before they have them split up. I think it's crazy myself, but that was what I was told by someone from the state a few years back. And just because Ryle already has turf doesn't mean the district won't have to send equal money there way. You end up with a total 2.25 million outlay for fields on top of the 500k at Cooper. Hard to justify when you've got a new middle school being built, converting the Toyota Building into a regional high school, and another elementary school on the drawing board for the Mann and New Haven area (my guess) since those two schools are busting at the seams. It's not happening unless the people in the community want it to happen and step up with financial resources. I hope Conner can get it done.
  9. I was talking about raising money for all the schools, not just one. I'm also going to guess that the state doesn't kick in for football fields. The district has to build new schools. The state will only let you get so big. Around 75% of the elementary and middle schools are over capacity. Trust me, I think the county only needs 2 high schools. But that's a conversation for another day.
  10. I'm sure if the community asked the school board to raise taxes and set the funds aside for turf fields for the schools they would listen. Otherwise it's probably not going to happen. People would go crazy if the BOE spent 3-4 million on football/soccer fields.
  11. I was told by a family member of his the HHS coaches told him he'd never play QB there. That was the reason he went to SK.
  12. I used to feel the same way as a play caller. But I learned that it's actually easier to dictate to a defense and open up your passing game if you have a TE in the game vs out. It's also better for your run game. All in all, if you have one, TE's are the way to go. Plus, you can still flex him and get a 4 wide look.
  13. You see head coaches from high school powers make the jump to big time college ball way more often that D3 head coaches. I would agree that this is a step down career wise, if being a big time college coach is his goal.
  14. Are these guys going to be teachers? I know GA's don't make a ton of money, but I can't imagine it's less than a lot of para professional positions.
  15. They can compete, and beat, the 6A schools in NKY. They haven't proven anything. Louisville and Scott County are a different story.
  16. Will they have upper class men or just 9th and 10 graders? What that looks like will go a long way in determining what their record looks like. I think they'll win 2 games.
  17. I believe their HC stipend was in the $25,000 range.
  18. Because they have to pay for 1 school in an area with a lot of business and good sized homes that provide a nice tax base. Much easier to there than in a place like Jefferson County.
  19. I'm pretty sure most tickets are in the $8-$10 range. Many schools change for parking in the school parking lot and get to keep all their profits from concessions. They also have business partners that make annual donations to the program. They also get to keep advertising revenue. It's run like a business, which allows schools to be able to afford those salaries.
  20. No, I've got a pretty good handle on what they make.
  21. He's going to Camden County. That's on the coast near Savannah and they play really good football. You leave for that job every time. They have a 10,000 sq ft weight room if that tells you anything.
  22. McCracken HC makes $13,500. Outside of a coordinator I doubt assistants at North Gwinnett are pulling down that much.
  23. They have the best facilities set-up that I have ever seen on a high school campus. And I didn't even get to see inside the indoor facility.
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