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  1. 4, 5, and 9 can't compete with 7 , 8, 10, or Ryle. St. X is overrated. Two are one dimensional and the other is too small (player wise). It's a big step up playing top notch 6 A teams than what most people think.
  2. Then chock it up to a bad kicker. I can promise they weren't called.
  3. Ryle is not a contender to beat Trinity or Male. They may be able to make it there because NKY football is so weak, but that's about it. Conner isn't even in the conversation. Ryle needs to get over the hump against Cooper and SK. Whatever they do this year they need to enjoy. Life after Tanner Morgan is going to be difficult.
  4. You realize the hook and latter was the second or third series of the game, right? If a team doesn't give their boundry corner help when they have trips to the field, they'll run it again. And guess what...it'll work. They spotted a weakness in Highlands defense. Does it matter how they scored? They weren't trying to trick anyone. Highlands just needed to play more sound defense.
  5. Ryle wasn't attempting onside kicks. Their kicker was hurt so their backup kicker was pooch kicking.
  6. Really? You're mad about an onside kick in the second quarter? That's great strategy, just like starting the running clock early, on a team that has a knack of making big comebacks. Quit crying and tackle or recover the ball.
  7. Some of us tried to tell you. Although I at least thought Highlands would try. This is bad.
  8. Having seen Highlands, I don't think the talent is there. They are the second best 5A team, but aren't in Bowling Green's league. And they don't have the talent to match up to Ryle and SK either. That's not a knock on them. They just aren't back on top of the mountain yet.
  9. Really? Ryle won by 3 scores I believe last season and I don't think they got worse? Plus they're at home. Highlands has lost 2 straight. This isn't the week it gets turned around. Ryle by 3 scores.
  10. The Morgan kid is the best passer out of that group. He's closing in on 10,000 yards and 100 TD's for his career. He's also committed to Western Michigan.
  11. Hasn't Larue been young for a few years? I thought they might have been a little more competitive?
  12. Ryle also had a few drops of their own, including one in the end zone.
  13. Cov Cath had some drops, but it's tough for guys to have to go to their knees and catch balls behind them. QB had time all night. He just needs to be more accurate. Cov's QB runs the ball very well. They should have dipped into the speed option well a few more times.
  14. Ryle has no business playing Ohio teams, especially after losing the best QB in school history. It will be a very lopsided score.
  15. Lexington Catholic by a lot. It's going to be another long season for the Rebels.
  16. Bryan Station is down this year. I don't know much about Wayne County. If they can contain Stations athletes it could be a long night for BS.
  17. SK should win, but Cal played them well last season. They wore down at the end of the 3rd quarter. Maybe being at home helps? We'll see. If SK is to be considered at Top 5 6A team they need to win by 2-3 scores.
  18. I'm going with Glasgow. Campbellsville's shot to make a run was last year. I don't think the Eagles will be as good this season.
  19. I don't think this is true. Ryle has nice talent, but still has a lot of holes to fill on the lines. Those guys also count as "talent". Ryle has a nice crop of skill guys but they lack much depth at those positions.
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