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  1. Vashaun Banks will run wild behind T.J. Grimes and the big offensive line. James Bauer will get a couple as well. I look for a score of 35-14 Christian.
  2. LCA is good but the better not sleep on the Eagles. They have a lot of talent, return quite a few starters, and are very capable of beating LCA.
  3. That's funny, because I talked to a player last night that said Christian had 7 varsity TD's. He didn't remember how many Mayfield had, but said it wasn't more than 3 or 4.
  4. I heard Franklin won with a score along the lines of 42-35...
  5. How does Tennessee do their spring ball. I know they even get to scrimmage a couple of times...how does all that balance with all three sports down there?
  6. Because most of the money that is spent on all of the instruments comes from football...band has to be the most expensive activity that (typically) generates the lowest revenue.
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