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  1. He's a great young Coach that will do well. I'm sure his connection to Mark Perry, who spent several year in Springfield at Washington County High School, helped as well.
  2. I agree completely. But Redbook will have none of it unfortunately.
  3. No offense, but plenty of teachers volunteer and put in extra time for free. Not as much as football coaches, but you know what you signed up for. Is $3000-$4000 really going to make it that much better? And there are plenty of head coaches across the state that would love a $7,400 stipend. They also teach full loads for $10,000-$15,000 less. I just don't buy the argument that money is the issue. If so, people should look to go into administration.
  4. You guys have the strongest teachers union in the state. Take it to them to bring it up at contract negotiations.
  5. Jason Frakes tweeted that Coach Scroggins has stepped down. Anyone have any details as to why or who could be next?
  6. Has Coach Landis run a high school program before or is all his experience at the collegiate level? Will he teach in the building?
  7. I'm not bashing. He was near the end and saw a rebuild coming. Why stay? He thought the title runs were done and walked away. What's wrong with that?
  8. Dale left because he saw the talent dropping off. Weinrich should be given a statue for winning that first title with a team Dale didn't believe could win. Dale saw this coming and decided to "retire". He's not coming back.
  9. Have to really disagree here. Child Services needs more teeth and better pay. To many kids are left in abusive and negligent situations when they need to be removed and placed in foster/state care.
  10. That also works the other way. You are a borderline D1 guy and have a terrible game against the best team on your schedule. Maybe that offer becomes non-commitable or you become viewed as more of a workout warrior instead of a football player.
  11. What happens when you lose by 30 and get exposed against top level competition. It can definitely work both ways.
  12. It'll never happen. You could write them a $10,000,000 dollar check to get whatever they wanted in terms of facilities and equipment, but unless they have more talent they'll never make it. Every team has a ceiling. Most aren't, and never will be, state championship contenders.
  13. Again, we will see. There is scheduling within reason and going way over your head. Especially right before you start district play.
  14. Let's see if they feel the same way at the end of next season. I have my doubts.
  15. SK will look vastly different on O as they lose the rushing threat from the QB. They also need to make some adjustments defensively so they can keep teams under 50.
  16. Ryle also lacks a servicablebe back-up QB.
  17. If Ryle, Cooper, and Conner are matched up with Male, St. X, and Manual then at best the district champ advances.
  18. I'd have to disagree. While their line was much improved, Chisholm made the line look better than they were but making guys miss or on cut-backs when they missed blocks. Their pass protection was also suspect. Teams just didn't blitz because Morgan either got rid of the ball quickly or broke out of the pocket for a positive gain. The true test will be next season when 4 of the 5 starters return, but with no passing threat to speak of.
  19. I've coached in Georgia as well and it's night and day. Average players in Georgia are studs in Kentucky.
  20. Ryle ran a muddle from mid-season on with their extra point team. Against Scott County they left the offense in and ran a pass play that didn't work.
  21. It doesn't matter how good your arm is if you aren't accurate and make bad decisions. Give me Lonaker.
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