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  1. Corbin a little overrated? How were they ranked ahead of Belfry?
  2. County wins. Both head coaches have a beer together after the game.
  3. Confucius says - If they are better than the teams they play, they will win regardless of location.
  4. I'm still trying to figure out how it's possible to have a 105 yard touchdown run.
  5. Chisholm, Jake GRAD YR: 18 POS: RB SCHOOL-STATE: Ryle - KY HT: 5-8 WT: 175 40Y: 4.70 SH: 4.21 PB: 30.5 VJ: 35.5 RATING: 87.90 Ran it in Chicago in April.
  6. Maybe. They gave up a 70 yard run and catch to a guy that runs a 4.7 40 week 1 and no one was close to catching him. They haven't really played anyone with a ton of speed. They may blow out their next two opponents and change my mind. Also, you guys need to relax. I said they're the second best team in 5A and don't have a ton of team speed. They got run out of the playoffs last year by a team they couldn't keep up with athletically. It's a long season and we'll see what happens.
  7. So why play the rest of the season then? Seems like Cal Preps already has everything decided for us.
  8. My eyes when I watch them play. You guys don't have to agree. We'll see where they wind up in the end. I just don't feel like they've beaten any good teams yet.
  9. No. I've seen them play. They don't run by you. Having a great QB really helps cover up a lot.
  10. I don't know about next week, but ask me again in 12 more weeks when they do play.
  11. Cov Cath is still slow and lacks dynamic athletes on offense. They have a great QB. They won't beat BG, but are a Top 5-7 team in the state.
  12. BG has more speed than Cov Cath will see all season. If they meet in the finals it will not be close. BG is still head and shoulders better that the rest of 5A.
  13. It not classy to prolong misery. And stop hiding behind the theory that getting JV guys reps against other JV guys on a Friday night for one or two series will be the difference in you winning a state title. Go for two, get the running clock, and let everyone go home.
  14. Going for two is the right call. Any coach offended by that should stop coaching. Get the running clock and move on with life. Are you really getting meaningful reps in a blowout? They play JV games for a reason.
  15. Conner throws the ball a lot, Cooper did last season, Ryle has the last two years. You play to what you have.
  16. I'm not disparaging Ryle at all. I'm just pointing out the fallacy that "stepping up" to scrimmage someone like Trinity doesn't necessarily make you better. If anything, it's left Ryle with more questions than answers. That being said, I think they will beat Cov Cath. But I don't think that the butt kicking they took at the hands of Trinity tonight will have anything to do with it.
  17. Hard to run when you're making a guy miss and getting hit by 2 more. Trinity totally owned Ryle up front, and line play (especially on offense) was supposed to be the strength of Ryle's team. Trinity didn't even have to drop their safeties down to help, which makes it even worse.
  18. Ryle wins because they scrimmaged Trinity (that's what supposed to happen when you play people that are better than you, right?).
  19. Trinity owning Ryle up front on both sides of the ball.
  20. You have your conversations with him and I have mine. It's all irrelevant at this point.
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