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  1. Panthers just didn’t have any answers for the size and strength of CAL tonight. They fought hard but only so much you can do sometimes. Panthers are 0-3 but have played a brutal first 3 games especially with the inexperience of the team. I look for them to jump into the win column next week at Thomas Nelson.
  2. Etown destroyed Monroe in their scrimmage. FS should have acrunjung clock well before halftime!
  3. Loads of talent lost on both sides of the ball. The upcoming Senior class isn't very big so a lot of young guys are going to have to step and see starting varsity time for the first time. The good news is that Etown returns the bulk of their offensive line and gets back two incoming senior linemen that were injured the bulk of their junior season. They have skill players that should see success behind an experienced line. Junior to be Joe Becherer (Jay's Brother) is a stud and will be a leader on both sides of the ball. The first 3 games could be tough with Franklin Simpson, CAL and North Hardin but there is talent in the incoming Junior and Sophomore class and I look for Coach Brown and his staff to have these guys ready by the time district play starts.
  4. I'd be surprised if we don't see John Hardin move to 3A. I don't know their male enrollment but last I heard they were under 800 total students and trending downward.
  5. As an Etown fan I am still heart broken from last Friday but with that said, I hope Boyle takes the championship. Boyle 24-21
  6. I'm confused on how Central Hardin and John Hardin are part of the Louisville Roster but Elizabethtown isn't. They are all in the same county!
  7. Elizabethtown is getting ready to practice on Thanksgiving for the 3rd year in a row! Morning practice so players can spend the rest of the day with their families. Such an awesome accomplishment for those boys to be practicing that day.
  8. Well, why stop there? Let's take the top 4 from each district and put the 1s together, the 2s together, 3s together and 4s together. Each could have their own state championship. 6A-A, 6A-AA, 6A-AAA, 6A-AAAA. Then take all the 5 or 6 seeds, because obviously we don't want to hurt anyone's feelings and they could be the 6A-AAAAA state champs. And then anyone who loses in the above Class/division playoffs could branch off and have their own state championship. We could keep going until literally every team in the state could call themselves a state champion. Doesn't that sound great?
  9. I agree that there needs to be more that goes into the seeding process. Currently it is only based off the points you get for wins based off the class those opponents are in. Most middle schools are only playing around 8 games and if you are in a large conference you have to play your conference opponents. You have no choice if those are D1, D2, or D3 opponents. To me if 2 teams are both placed in the same region, Team 1 is undefeated and team 2 has 1 loss and it is against Team 1 then there is no way that team 2 should be seeded higher which seems to be the case for Newburg. Not only is it unfair to them it is also unfair to the teams that matchup with them. They have to play a much higher quality opponent earlier in the tournament than they should have to. For the record i'm not involved with Newburg so I have no dog in the fight. Teams also don't get punished for losses.
  10. Yep. Central is back at almost 2000 students and North is around 1600. John is under a 1000 and trending down. The whole point of the district building JH in the first places was to relieve pressure from Central and North. At this pace JH will be a 3A football school before long.
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