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  1. I'm going to disagree. While I think Lonaker benefited greatly from being able to throw the ball up to Hendrix, he was easily a better passer than Racke and Mayer.
  2. You're right. There aren't as good as they've been the last 2 years.
  3. I just don't see SK being able to hang with Lafayette. To much team speed and better line play. Lafayette by 3 scores.
  4. Ryle varsity offense runs 6 plays in the second half and scores 3 touchdowns.
  5. The same reason why you say SK has a good defense but let Highlands score 50 on them.
  6. Why not bring them up? Every other sport is different. Football is different than basketball which is different than wrestling which is different than softball, etc. Everyone gets a shot in all the other sports. They all get to be beaten badly, again, by someone in the first round. Why does the difference between football and basketball require a different system that isn't required because of the differences between basketball and girls softball? The other sports do embed the district process into the regular season, just like football. That's how they seed for the district tournament, just like football does for the playoffs. Heck, basketball sets up byes for teams in 3 and 5 team districts to make sure everyone gets a chance. I just don't get the problem with playing one extra week of football.
  7. What better teams are currently eliminated?
  8. No, I don't. It's a numbers game with a limited time to get through the playoffs. You can only play one game a week. A few teams get eliminated early. Other sports can play games back-to-back days so those small handful of schools can participate. What's your point?
  9. So you don't want to have a system where the best teams are allowed to compete and given more than one chance to prove themselves. That sounds totally reasonable.
  10. You realize all the other sports have district games during the season. So not only do those teams get killed during the regular season (twice) they also get killed a third time in the district tournament. I fail to see how what football does is worse?
  11. What about the teams that play in tougher districts? Why should Manual or Cooper go home because they were 3 seeds? They won their first round matchups and may win in round 2. Why penalize 3 seeds because of lopsided 1/4 matchups?
  12. The same plausible reason there is for playing lopsided district games. Just ask the people at Ballard, J-town, Seneca, and Eastern. Maybe those teams should drop football because they can't get within 50 (or 70 in J-towns case) against Trinity. Let's not play regular season games that will be blowouts. You get to be the all mighty decider of who's worthy to play of Friday night and who isn't. Just let the rest of us know by Sunday so we can structure our practice schedules accordingly.
  13. What's 1 more game? At least football pays for itself. All of the other sports are really losing money on first round games.
  14. Maybe they should cancel all those regular season games too? Let's just force Boone County to drop football since they've only won 1 game the last 3 years. That's idiotic!
  15. I'll be shocked if Scott County doesn't win this game by 3 or 4 scores. Conner is vastly overrated in my opinion.
  16. Belfry wins 0 times against this years versions of St. X, Male, and Ryle.
  17. I don't think SK has a shot at beating Lafayette. That's not trying to be negative, just stating that SK isn't as good as last year and Lafayette is as good or better.
  18. I disagree. I would venture most people feel that Ryle is not better than any of the teams listed above them.
  19. I have seen both. I feel Scott County has more athletes and team speed. Their added diversity in the passing game keeps you from selling out against the run. I think that will be the difference. I feel like Cov Cath is fairly predictable on O and Scott County should be able to handle them. Again, those are just my opinions. I don't put too much stock in scores. You could look at the Colerain and Lafayette scores instead of the Highlands score and see things differently.
  20. I don't think this will be close. I think the final score is Scott County by 3 scores unless they decide to rest people for the playoffs.
  21. Meadrables don't make you a good running back. For example, how would you measure a running backs vision? You can't. You either have it or you don't.
  22. Ryle's was fully paid for. Alexander wanted to donate most of it and have the school district kick in the rest. They said no because they'd have to do it for the other schools too.
  23. Haha. That might be one of the most ridiculous statements I've ever seen. I'm biased toward good running backs. The Barnes kid is a great athlete. He's a good running back. That's it. He's not the best in NKY.
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