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Anyone know what the girls team has been doing this summer since the hiring of Coach Kelsch? Have not heard them involved in any camps,etc. and if so how did they do? Seems to be awful quiet on the boys and girls front this summer in BC. Any conditioning programs going on? Thanks for info.

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Played at a 4 team scrimmage at Pendleton.

Beat Pendleton and Bourbon, loss to Paris.

Paris beat Bourbon and Bracken, loss to Pendleton.

Pendleton beat Bourbon and Paris, loss to Bracken.

Bourbon loss to all 3 teams but had 3 varsity starters not there.


Thanks lbbc, didn't know this.

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They also played some games w/Scott HS, Lewis Co., and Mason Co. The girls and Coach Kelsch from I was told by some observers was that they responding well to one another.


Heard from a parent they they have played quite a few games this summer. That will only help once the season starts!

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The teams camps are great for the simple reason that the girls are playing. Hate that lull till they get in the full swing of practice. Hope the ladies understand that the work they do on their own will be the work that pays the largest didvidends. No substitute for it. You have only to look to the very successful programs to see who is practicing without a coach standing beside them and the "wish we hads" who have been sitting on the couch all summer texting.

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