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  1. Flash, there is a silver lining in everything though. When you arrive there will be a crystal clean bathroom for you to use. Oh by the way the popcorn will be ok.:popcorn:
  2. Coach Hinson had a great game plan and I will continue to say one of the finer young head coaches in the region. The guy can flat out get it done. I was surprised that the 2-2-1 press bothered Mason, and with Bach all I can say is wow. The kid is special. In the 3rd quarter, without Black on the floor near the latter stages of the quarter, Mason County had no one that wanted to shoot the ball and take over. I agree with what a poster said previously, Bachs shot seemed like it hung on the rim forever. A-town will talk about this one for a long time, congrats to the Royals for hanging in t
  3. Glad for Coach Mitchell and the Lady Devils. Snapping the long drought of not winning the district will be something this small town will talk about for a long time.
  4. Congrats to Coach Mike Murray and his Lady Camels.
  5. Mustang, thank you for the recap and results from this game.
  6. Now in other news, congrats to Simms and the Wildcats on a great win last night and a return trip to the 10th region tournament. A tough season in Falmouth and Simms has held his troops together and is always dangerous come tournament time. Again congrats to the Wildcats!
  7. Two people I haven't seen in a while, one being Captain Obvious which would support Patrick Kelsch and his statement above and the other being JetCat54. Just sayin.
  8. Congrats to the Lady Royals, way to hang in there and prove your doubters wrong. You clearly were the better team tonight and wanted this game more!
  9. Great job Mustang on the recap. Sounds like Coach Douglas kept her starters in against the jv team of Brossart?
  10. I agree Touch The Line- wide open and should be a nice regional tournament. I would like to see the arena packed for semi finals and finals. I think your biggest draw would be if Montgomery and Clark made it to the the finals.
  11. Best team wins- home court advantage yes, overrated yes, but there will be clean bathrooms there.
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