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  1. Congrats!!! What kind of team do they have? Young? I looked at the website and there seems to be quite a few upperclass girls. I also noticed they have quite a few freshman for next year. Are there any other Northern KY girls playing next year? I see Shelbi Benzinger from Scott High School is on the team and Brooke Mosler from St Patrick in Maysville. This could be a Northern KY Team?? Good Luck!
  2. How many of these players are playing in college?
  3. Well said! Last year they moved it all back one day. Am I correct? What makes this year different?
  4. Nice Job Sara! Proud of your accomplishment! The sky is the limit.
  5. YES!! It worked fine this afternoon, but game time it does not!
  6. No Play on Sunday is a rule for many schools. No Play, No Practice. Stick to your guns Conner!
  7. Hook Up a Brother with game updates. Internet not working...Thanks WFTM...Not
  8. St Pat is on a nice roll! Good luck Lady Devils!
  9. Any Box scores? This looks like the early season game everyone should have watched. 1pt.
  10. I will pick Pendleton Girls. I think Bracken will look past this game.
  11. Good Luck Kelsey, you have many supporters this year!:thumb:
  12. I voted for Mason. You can always find a needle in a hay stack! :irked::laugh: :popcorn::popcorn::popcorn:
  13. How many players are returning from last years team?:confused:
  14. So Sumoroyal, why would that not suprise you?
  15. Things must not be good if you quit your senior year!
  16. Who is more guilty with recruiting players? Private schools or public schools?:confused:
  17. :popcorn::popcorn::popcorn::popcorn::popcorn: Time will answer all questions!
  18. I am suprised we are not hearing from the faithful Mason fans who always post?? What are their thoughts? :popcorn:
  19. When does Mason Co expect to name a new coach? Anyone know? I would think they would want it completed by end of May! :idunno:
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