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2008 All State Softball Teams Announced

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Congrats to all those named to the All Stat teams!


Allen (Ryle)- Miss Softball

Sears (North Laurel) - 3A POY

Clark (Owensboro Catholic) - 2A POY

Jimison (Middlesboro) - 1A POY


3A Coaching staff of the year - North Laurel

2A Coaching staff of the year - Owensboro Catholic

1A Coaching staff of the year - Christian Academy of Louisville

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Congrats to Allen and the rest of the players. From a nky fan's perspective, it's great to have the Miss Softball reside in nky.


She is a terrific pitcher and deserving of the honor. We have had a couple of Miss Softballs in our area, and it is always a sense of pride! Congratulations!! :thumb:

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I'm sorry, but if softball isn't classed, what is the reason for doing awards based on that?


I agree. I know the reason is to recognize more girls. However, I believe that deep inside, many of those voting feel that KY may need to look at classifying softball. If you look at the final 4's the past few years, you rarely see any schools classified as 1A. They have the All A State Tournament, which Reidland has dominated, but since this isn't basketball, it could pass. Some of the problem is with travel time and the number of games they play. The way to work around that is more tournaments where the travel time is maximized with more games.

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Congrats to Kelsey Caudill. More exposure would have been 1st team. She had over 400 stirkeouts this year and multiple no hitters.


It takes alot to get other coaches to give votes. Caudill got exposure because LC played different teams from western and central KY. Even with the exposure to the teams they played, it takes alot of campaigning and coaches have to do that for their players. It comes down to coaches giving votes for others to give them votes....you scratch my back I scratch yours. Caudill should of been on 1st team. :thumb:

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