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Thoughts on Re-districting (a year later)

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9th Region


Dixie should love it. They have a cake walk into regionals every year. Sucks beacuse either Ludlow, Lloyd or Villa have to be in the regional. That district is also a blind draw so they do not even have to play during the regular season.


Beechwood has to be the most upset, their year was last year and they still did not get in. Holy Cross, Holmes and Cov Cath should be in every year yet one has to go home early.


Highlands and New Cath can't complain. Plus Newport has a chance to move a little with bellevue and dayton there.


Ryle, St. Henry, Connor, and Boone need to just suck it up and take it to each other, they always have. Poor Heritage.

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In the 11th region I still think that the districts are still messed up!!!!!!!!!!

I think the 5 public schools should be in the same district like the old days. Leave the Richmond district the same, leave the Frankfort the same and put Scott. Co, Lex Cath, Lca, And Sayer in the other district.

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Teams from the 13th Region that gained from the changes:

Knox Central



Lynn Camp


Teams from the 13th that got the short end of the stick:


Whitley Co.


Teams from the 12th Region that gained:


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