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    We absolutely do not recruit in Scott County, but we don't put fences up around the county line either.
  1. He's probably helped the real estate market in Nicholasville too. Other positives: 1. Girls at the Blue Moon have a legit chance to hook up with a millionaire. 2. In March I'll have more free time to get spring cleaning done. 3. Darius Miller has already signed.
  2. "Glory" is a movie that Coach Hicks shows to his team every year at Scott Co. Coach Hicks is a history buff and this movie is based on a true story...
  3. This isn't the first time the administration at Frankfort has dropped the ball. It seems to be a theme there...
  4. I'd say that might be a good bet - I think AW Hamilton (former Scott Co. all-stater) is still an assistant coach there.
  5. Scott County has 3 public middle schools that feed the one high school. There is also a Catholic school that goes K-8... so 4 total.
  6. The only way to eliminate the what ifs is to let kids play at whatever school they attend...
  7. :ylsuper::laugh::laugh::laugh::laugh::ylsuper:
  8. I feel the same way about schools who let all the kids shoot around during half-time of the varsity game. It's chaos - and asking for a lawsuit...
  9. I agree that the kids are in danger when left alone and I agree that schools need to develop a policy regarding unsupervised children. I think the policy would be met with much resistance from parents who come to watch the game and are all too happy to let the younger brother run off some energy playing pick-up football games behind the end zone or over on the practice field, or wherever. I watched a game a few weeks ago where an administrator confiscated a football from one of the "pick up games" and it wasn't 5 minutes until the irate parent marched over and demanded the ball, gave it back to the kid and blasted the administrator for taking it in the first place... It's a different world than I grew up in. My dad would have wore me out - and told the administrator to use the ball for a PE class.
  10. IMO - I'd rather change the idea of No Child Left Behind and remove students rather than adding guns. By the time the kids get to high school - it is very evident that some have already been left way behind and are angry... The education system should go on trial here. Teach kids to read and do basic math - then let them pursue some things they are interested in. Vocational schools need to be growing in this country.
  11. Who is the coach at App. State? He's mine. The man made the most of his one game.
  12. Is that your nice way of saying he had passed out?
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