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NFL Elimination Game, Week 3

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Then there were 24. The Seahawks, Bears, and Lions eliminated a good chunk of the field this week, so the herd is thinning. You know the drill, pick a team you haven't picked yet to win this week, and if they do, you march on. NOTE: it is not my job to tell you if you have picked a team for the 2nd time, so please make sure you're keeping track. Your pick will stay in the thread and then will be counted as a loss if duplicated.


Only the following are eligible to post in this thread, and just respond with a team name -- thanks!

@UKMustangFan, @silo11, @Can'tcoach, @rjs4470, @LCDAWGS19, @afi100guy, @littleluck55, @cowboy90, @dmh115, @8th Region Warrior, @PutMeInCoach, @sumoroyal, @sweet16, @Big Slick, @MNCM, @PurplePride92, @lawildcat, @Habib, @DragonFire, @GrantNKY, @Jaysie, @16thBBall Fan, @RondoRules, and @Jack of all Trades.


Good luck everyone.

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