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Covington Catholic vs Highlands predictions....

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The big question in my head is will Cov Cath choke again? Seems like they always fall short of their expectations. Clearly they are the best team in NKY this year without a doubt. Highlands is no easy draw though, I predict a really close competive game ending in a 1-1 draw regulations and PLs to decide the winner. Good luck to all!!!!

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Since, NCC defeated Highlands twice this year...and

HC defeated NCC twice...

but, lost to Highlands & CC in what

CC seem to be labeling as a "called off the dogs" match...and CC beat Highlands 1-0 earlier in the season...


Then, using the above games as reference, the prediction is CC by anywhere from 1-10.


Truthfully, these regional matches could be anybody's game on any given night...lets see what teams come to play.

Good Luck all!

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CCH has the best team in the tournament and playing with the most pressure to win, not an easy situation to be in. CCH handles the pressure, CCH 3 - HHS 0.


Not an easy game on this side of the bracket, who ever gets to the final from this side will have earned it the hard way.


Latest Maher Rankings support this comment....


Four of the top five ranked teams in the region are on this side of the bracket.


Ryle gets paired with #6, #9 and # 10.

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Here is how each team did this year compared to the regional participants. If a team played more than once I used the last game played because it probably meant that the team played like they were getting ready for post season.



NCC 2-1 lost

Ryle 1-0 lost

Dixie 1-0 win

CCH 1-0 lost

HC 3-0 win

Cooper 3-3

St. Henry 3-1 lost



HC 4-0 win

St. Henry 5-0 win (first game of the year)

Ryle 0-0

HHS 1-0 win

Cooper 4-0 win

Dixie 6-0 win

NCC did not play.

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