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  1. Congrats CCH, I welcome all NKY teams to show your support. We can all be friends until midnight tomorrow.
  2. I thought someone said in another thread they don't report stats.
  3. Groinpull I predicted 3 to 0.... CCH HAS TO BE DONE IN SCORING.
  4. Enough with score updates, how's the concessions...
  5. OTB The food selections will be much better!! I can say what ever I want to the CR!! It won't be cold or wet in my house!! I may have just talked my self into paying to stream the final.
  6. Im taking CCH in this one with a strong 3 to 0 win. I believe this team this year will finally bring the state championship to the NKY.. GO COLONELS!!! #State Champs!!!
  7. Details Did the Rocks come out conservative like they did last year against Scott.
  8. If Trinity comes out playing a little tight / conservative like they did last year I believe the outcome will be the same an early exit. I can tell you this they left several plays on the field.
  9. I'll take CCH if Trinity plays as conservative as they did last year against Scott. They left a few plays on the field, and if they do that against CCH their season will end sooner than they expect.
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