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Newport Catholic @ Ryle Predictions

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Go with Ryle due in part to NCC is in the middle of a very difficult part of their schedule. Maher ranking and AOS of NCC's most near (calendar date wise) opponents.

#43 Cooper comes in with a 3.34 AOS

#39 Ryle in with a 5.86

#123 Pendleton Co in with a 0.08

#133 Beechwood in with a 3.05


That is flat out a brutal stretch of games.

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To gameplayedright I would think that kind of schedule would make NCC on point and playing at a high level. To your other point, you have to play good teams in order to get better.


Also, NCC can score and Ryle has had trouble scoring. Ryle does have a good defense but I don't think it will be enough.


Also, don't forget, NCC will out wear down Ryle due to conditioning.... ha ha :banana:

I had to add that.

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Too many of you guys are getting sucked into Double Yellow's schpeel. Remember, NewCath is a high school team. Doing the best they can just like everyone else's school. Let's not start bashing them all because of one fan.

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