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Heinz ketchup not really...ketchup?


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This is pretty interesting I think. And I had no clue so little tomato could actually not be in ketchup.


Israel's Ruling That Heinz Isn't Ketchup Opens Up Serious Questions*Word Filter Violation - Edit Your Post*|*Word Filter Violation - Edit Your Post*Foodbeast


Israel's Health Ministry isn't too keen on calling "Heinz" ketchup. In fact, thanks to the low tomato paste content, they're rejecting the brand as the tomato condiment altogether.


According to Time, the ministry says that the product does not contain enough tomato to be worthy of the name ketchup. They ask for a 10 percent minimum.


This leads to the question, how much tomatoes are actually in our everyday ketchup?


We never knew Heinz contained so little, yet here we are with less than 10 percent of actual tomato paste.

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So one of my students posed this question last year:


Student-"Mr. TVC51, is a tomato really a fruit?"


Me-"yes, I believe it is."


Student-"does that make ketchup a smoothie then?"


On top of that, I like this one:


Knowledge is knowing a tomato is a fruit, wisdom is knowing to not put it in a fruit salad.

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