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The $6 billion NY nuclear power plant, built but never used


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I just find stories like this fascinating, and I have always been somewhat fascinated with large, abandoned buildings. The power plant located on Long Island in NY was built at a cost of $6 billion dollars between 1973-84. That's probably what, about $10 billon in todays dollars?:idunno:


Anyway, because of anti-nuclear activists/protests and eventually 74% of the LI population not wanting the plant, in conjunction with a little "interference" from them Gov. Mario Cuomo, the plant went "active" in 1986 and never got past the 5% testing phase. It was shut down in 1989. Guys, it was never used!




And, on top of all that...guess who paid for the plant? That's right, the tax payers of Long Island paid the builders of the plant most of that $6 billon in the form of a tax on their electric bill in a deal that the NY state government made.


The place still stand (minus the fuel rods and turbines) and is available for a movie location. lots of pictures on this link.


Scouting Long Island?s Decommissioned Nuclear Power Plant | Scouting NY

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