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  1. Such as the Rhodes issue or is there some more that hasn't been spoken of?
  2. 2016 has been rough. Debbie Reynolds Dead at 84
  3. I'd be happy if the KHSAA allowed schools to compete against the KCAC or the KCAA.
  4. I've been waiting for this day....
  5. Deming's was named after the people who gave the school the land to build it on. It was only changed when they built the new school at a different location.
  6. Love people who support their school and give back!
  7. Is Beechwood still missing any players due to Football?
  8. That is what I was expecting, but this score was closer than I thought it'd be. I'd say Highlands would be improved though. Could be a good season for Highlands!
  9. Would've thought Burgin would win this game. Will be interesting to see how they rebound. Congrats St. Francis.
  10. I would pay money to see that :lol: Would be nice if they would bring back the consolation game, just for another game to watch.
  11. Nice write up and I think that Jackson City defeating Breathitt was the first time since the late 30s. Someone quote me if I'm wrong.
  12. I've felt like I've been dealing with a sports team loss. At least social media makes it feel like I've been.
  13. While many people will continue to argue against global warming, they can't deny that humans are the makers of the destruction of the world. I mean, look at the trash on the roads, the little consideration for the forests and animals, and how we treat each other. Made myself sound like a hippie, but man, we are a sad species. "Only when the last tree has died and the last river been poisoned and the last fish been caught will we realise we cannot eat money."-Cree Proverb
  14. That's the night Bellarmine will pull off the win.
  15. So in this case, if the KHSAA changes the Bylaw, then you would be able to play other KHSAA teams? What is the reason for the KHSAA teams not being allowed to play non-KHSAA teams? Is it because they aren't members of the KHSAA?
  16. A school that size can compete in sports such as Tennis, Cross Country, Track, and Cheerleading. They may not be able to field a team such as basketball, softballball, or baseball, but still have those options. Also, the KHSAA is not going to deny anyone entry. That would cause them to lose money on their part. Finally, the school you are referring to, Holy Family (Ashland), is just restarting its high school and I would think that eventually their enrollment would go up.
  17. Congratulations to Terry and lets go Peay!! (I couldn't resist!)
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