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  1. Absolutely entertaining game from Brossart's perspective. One of the most complete team efforts you can put together. The "condensation" issue was overblown. I understand the concern for player safety and the pause for discussion on the issue was ok. Earlier in the game, there was some water spilled by Beechwood's water jug and players had been walking through it which resulted in a few slips. Secondly, several players, including some that sweat way more than others had fallen to the ground and I do not think it was wiped up well enough by the referees. They paused the game and had a discussion. They made the right decision to play on. The Freshman boys team from Brossart stood on both ends of the floor being sure to wipe up anything they saw. We played the entire 4th quarter with no slips or issues. Hope Brossart can carry this momentum as they play Holy Cross, Ludlow, and Paris this week looking to get that winning % above .500
  2. As a former player, I never seemed to shoot well in Newport's gym. Not sure why, just happened. Brossart seemed to struggle shooting. That won't be the case all year. Certainly not taking away anything from Newport. Give credit to their defense for contesting most of Brossart's looks and winning on the boards. Coach Code's teams always improve throughout the year. I would expect nothing different this year. It is always nice to have a chance within 24 hours to improve. They will get their chance tonight against Harrison, albeit on the road yet again.
  3. Good win for the Stangs and an exciting opener. Good to hear Mustang call the game on the broadcast.
  4. Former Brossart Girls JV coach, Jeff Schaefer, is now the Freshman Girls Coach at HHS
  5. Final per the Bmustangs.com broadcast. Congrats to Coach Kevin Bundy on his first varsity victory as Head Coach!
  6. On the issue of funding, what about all of the very small school that would not be required to fund and install shot clock and shot clock personnel... It all adds up. I just do not see how small high school could foot the bill.
  7. Just good to see the Reds compete. Being in my mid 20s, I wasn't able to be spoiled by the Big Red Machine like my veteran counterparts on here. So this is really the best Reds team I have had a chance to watch.
  8. Congrats to Sarah! The best thing about this accomplishment is knowing she will be playing for Brossart another year! Good look in Districts/Region!
  9. when Lebron's career is over... Michael Jordan and Lebron James will be known (by most) as the best two NBA players of all time
  10. U.S. National Debt Clock : Real Time I do not care if a Republican or Democrat is in office... but someone has to fix this debt problem! IT IS OUT OF CONTROL!!!
  11. They may dislike each other on the court/field/etc. but away from that the families and kids get along. I am speaking from experience! I have been a part of this rivalry my whole life. In fact, I married someone who graduated from the opposite school! Yes, there is tension at times between the schools when it comes to sports but that is why it is called a rivalry! I still say for the most part the two sides get along very well.
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