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  1. It would allow schools like Trinity, Dunbar, and Bowling Green a chance to play prep programs and gain exposure and allow them to play on a National Platform. To be honest I do think that the 3 programs I listed above could compete with a Wesley Christian.
  2. I agree with Wireman, I would like to see how this team does vs. the top teams in Kentucky.
  3. Yes kids do stay there, not necessarily a prep school, however they do play a prep level schedule. They use to be in the KCAA league which is the Kentucky Christian Athletic Association. Academics do come first at this school, and yes they do recruit. There are boarding schools in Kentucky that compete in the KHSAA that have kids come in from all over the world, also it is a traditional christian school.
  4. Wesley Christian is a School with teachers, again we are not speaking on Vision Prep. Wesley Christian has a school with teachers etc. Not sure if I am clearly communicating that.
  5. Im not talking about playing n the khsaa , the thread was no restrictions on regular season play, and Wesley christian is a school
  6. Wesley christian is a school , vision prep is not a school, we ae talking about Wesley
  7. I also saw University Heights is participating in a big event, which is great exposure for those kids.
  8. Vision Prep is not a school it is a program for post graduates. Also, it is combined with AAU Team vision, so the kid that you saw was 2026 is part of the AAU program. There are many programs similar to this one in other states, that allow kids an extra year to raise their SAT/ACT scores.
  9. They come from all over the world, however some kids are from West Virginia, Kentucky etc... Not saying they should compete in the KHSAA but I would like to see the restriction of playing them released.
  10. I have been to many KHSAA games in the past 20 years and I have a vast knowledge of Kentucky High School sports dating back to 1995. I have saw some of the best teams in the state; which is good basketball, however our high school teams are lacking size and athleticism when compared to other states such as Ohio and Indiana. Then enters Wesley Christian a small christian school out of Allen Kentucky. I really feel as though not many folks around here have heard of the school or know what the program is all about. However, they have size starters go 6'9,6'8,6'7,6'3,6'2, with some big kids left on the bench and 3-5 players with Division 1 offers. They play a national schedule and have even defeated one of the best teams in the country Huntington Prep out of West Virginia. I would truly like to see how Wesley Christian would fair against some of our Lexington schools or Louisville schools to see who is truly the best high school team in Kentucky. When it comes to basketball Kentucky is behind the 8 ball as far as programming goes. Many other states have prep programs that play a national schedule, while Kentucky frowns on prep programs and even AAU programs that promote our players on a national scale. I would like to see a change in our traditional ways or at least allow KHSAA programs compete against teams like Wesley Christian.
  11. I am serious, Huntington Prep plays at a different level then any high school in Kentucky. Lets put it this way, instead of 2 high major Division 1 coaches at his high school game there will be double digit high major Division 1 coaches at his game. To be honest I just hope the young man finds his way and has a successful senior year.
  12. In the young man's defense, he would have stayed at Cordia if Coach Rhodes was still there. Also, I can see his logic moving from Ohio County to Apollo, then Apollo to Huntington Prep. I believe if he was still at Huntington we wouldn't be having this conversation. Kid just wants to play somewhere that gives him the most opportunity/exposure, to me there is no harm in that. I hate to say the playing for school pride is almost a thing of the past, as the better kids are now starting to realize AAU is where they get scouted and not high school. I'd hate to see this but the way things are going you may see more prep/club basketball being played than regular high school.
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