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Lexington Catholic @ Lexington Christian Academy Predictions

Which team will win?  

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  1. 1. Which team will win?

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Intense rival game that will probably be a very close contest. Matt Rose is a heckofa player but doesnt have much support. I think overall LexCath is a more complete team but really lives and dies with Tanner Johnson. The last two games his shots have been off and they have struggled. Griffin needs to get more looks to balance it out some IMO. I will take LexCath in a close one but it really can go either way.

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It's a toss up. Both teams are capable of beating the other. I'm gonna go with Catholic in a close one. Don't see them losing 3 in a row and they really can't afford to drop to 0-2 in district play. Still wouldn't be surprised if LCA won though.


I'm kind of with you on that.


Also, LCA is just as beat up from the schedule they've played in the last few in at least the same, if not an even greater degree.



LCA's Last 4:




Casey County




Catholic's Last 3:


Boyle County

Henderson County




Don't know why these two teams refuse to schedule anyone... :idunno:

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