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  1. Yes it was,,it was actually a tighter game than the final score indicates.
  2. After seeing the score of PC/RC game I assume Allen played ?
  3. Agreed, saw them in the KOB, like a lot of other teams, on a given night can be dangerous.
  4. My question is which of these polls do you put your faith into....They all can't be correct..
  5. The Oldham/Scott County game should decide if Oldham is the real deal, I don't believe Oldham has to win, but will have to make a good showing against the home team. Should be a good one.
  6. Wow, after reading this you should have put them at #1.
  7. Not sure about top 5, but top 10 to 15, Yes. Go watch them.....
  8. Over all it was a pretty good field, you have to realize that now days there are several holiday tournaments.
  9. I saw no problem with the officals. Yes, Henry Clay,Dunbar, and Lou Trinity were the class of the field.
  10. No shots taken here, the score tells the TRUTH. They gave up 75 points.
  11. Nice turn around from a 25 point defeat to a 46 point win.
  12. That would be good for PC, just hope that it is a good decision for Allen.
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