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  1. I think this was the first time Buckhorn beat Knott Co Central .Thought combs would make a big difference in this team . It looks like knott co. Won't even make it in the region this year and they are hosting .OMG !!
  2. Cordia Lions has represented the 14th region well .. Congrats !! Go lions !!
  3. Congratulations !!! to the Cordia lions .Cordia is a true 1A school . The school only has a graduation class of 20 to 30 students per year . I don't think they have ever won a district in the KHSAA . I'm very proud of this team . Hope they bring home a State championship Trophy . It would look nice in their trophy case . Go Lions !!
  4. Big win for letcher . Perry plays letcher Thursday . I'd say Perry by 20 . Go commadores !!
  5. Already have our reservations.. Go commadores!!
  6. Watch this game on TV . Yeah Lawrence lead the whole game they played very good .very good ball club. Knott is young and need to learn to play more ream ball . Perry and clay should be a good game . Go commadores!!
  7. I stayed and watched the knott game . I was very impressed with knott . They are playing with the starting point guard out with a broken foot . Andrew shrum out for the season . They are starting 2 freshmen 1 sophomore and 2 juniors.The only point of the game I saw clay co cruise was the 4th quarter.id say knott will be in the mix of things soon . I'd say perry wins big . Go commadores!!
  8. I went to most of the games . Was it me or was their a lot of bad calls in those games ? Is the Lexington teams that much better than all of the rest .Three Lexington teams in final four .The other was Louisville . Just curious ?!?
  9. Oops !! Sorry my bad .. Thought you were phantaysia from BGR . Lol . Sorry
  10. Why are you so concerned about this thread ? Aren't you a JBS parent ?
  11. Perry got bad calls should have won the Lawrence co. Game . This is perrys year . Already have reservations and shirts are being printed now .Go commadores !!
  12. Yes . I agree we should win WYMT and 14th region this year .Dont see anyone beating this team out . Go commadores !!
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