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  1. As I think you know, I've told folks all year that SL was underrated. I never saw Christian County so I wasn't sure what to expect in this one. I will say that SL at #2 is too high. I'd put them in the 12-14 range, possibly as high as 10th.
  2. Dow started for most of the season. A similar adjustment (him coming off the bench) was made towards the end of the year last year as well. If he could've stayed in the game at all last night, it would've been a different outcome.
  3. Stats for Dunbar: Hollingsworth 24 (12-24)/3/3 Kelley 9/6 Brown 8/0/1 Brown 4/10 Lewis 3/3/4 Williams 2/3/1 Stats for Mercer: Hager 22 (9-12)/9/5 Faulkner 16/4/1 James 8/2 Mink 6/1 Souder 3/2/1 Dow 0/5
  4. I think there was some of that on both sides. Some of Mercer's key guys weren't their normal selves tonight either. It was a great game between two high level teams but neither team truly played its best game.
  5. Hager and Faulkner have always been Mercer kids. No home grown talent?
  6. It goes way back to his boy losing a starting spot on a team. I'm talking 7 years ago. It's personal for him.....still.
  7. You are irrational. Mercer led a lot of the second half. They even had the ball with 10 seconds left and down 1 with a chance to win and you are running your mouth that Mercer can't play with good teams. That was a 50/50 game and everyone that watched it knows it, except you. Are you even listening to yourself? Oh, and their athleticism was just too much for Mercer, right? Wrong. Mercer's backcourt was too slow, right? Wrong. Dunbar's PG gonna tear up Hager, right? Wrong. They couldn't keep him in in front of them. It kills ya to admit it, doesn't it? Can't do it, can you? All your hate aside, Hollingsworth is such a nice player. I expect Dunbar to go on and win it all, though Christian County and BG may have something to say about that.
  8. Mercer being up 1 with Hager and Dow having to sit some minutes for fouls. That's a good thing for the Titans.
  9. With the exception of Cordia, any team that came out of that region this year would've been overmatched at Rupp. Still, this experience is something that those Buckhorn kids can tell their kids about. It's always a big deal to win your region and get to play at Rupp Arena.
  10. Just read somethimg talking about Mercer's schedule. They are 4-1 against (current) top 20 teams. It also said that Dunbar is 13–3.
  11. As mentioned, Dylan James. The last 2 seasons, he has gone a combined 188-412. That's 46% of a LOT of shots. His stroke is a thing of beauty, and he's about as good from 25 feet as he is from 20.
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