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Henry Co Job is Open


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If the information I have is correct, Coach Martin has already accepted and been approved by the site base council at N. Oldham. Good Luck coach. And good luck to Henry County in finding a coach. I think it will be a good program for a coach to take over.

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Wonder if Henry County would be eyeballing an assistant coach from Pikeville...maybe Coach J could help us out w/ that.




Yes, I think there might be some interest in one of our assistants (Michael Copley). Not sure if he's thinking head coaching at this time, but if he is -- as hard as he would be to replace with anyone similar (nearly impossible?) -- he'll have our full support.


I believe good head coaches NEVER try to hold back their assistants from advancing their career (as long as the other position is in a good situation -- and Henry Co. would be a VERY good situation).


And by the way, no actual thread on here about the North Oldham job being filled, but congrats to Coach Martin if it is true as someone said on this thread that he's now at NOHS. It's a really good fit...he'll have good support from a GREAT Principal to work with there (Dan Orman) and Billy knows that school VERY well. He'll do a good job there.

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