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  1. The Woodside kid from Franklin County won the Golden Arm award.
  2. I would like to say two things 1. Kids who get D-1 scholarships get to keep their Pell money and are still eligible for their student loans. Doesn't mean the car was given to him just because he is driving it. Although, not the smartest move with everything going down. 2. Pryor is not going to be making a ton of money in the NFL. Definatley not a first round pick. He is an average QB at best. His wheels(no pun intended) make him above avg.
  3. My only question: Who is the "unnamed source", and why didn't he/she come forward when it happened. Or when the orginal investigation was going on?
  4. I was watching the days events wrap up on ESPN U last night. They were scrolling the top 8 or so recruits from each team. Dawson wasn't even on the USC list. He would have been #1 UK.
  5. Doesn't matter what you call them. Just make sure there is room for Ohio State's name on the trophy.
  6. There is a boat load of talent at BS. The coach that was there before was able to harness it and be sucessful. The administration at BS should take this hire serious and look at someone who will work with the kids. Coach Turner has been successful, is there more to it than just health problems?
  7. The Ohio version of the playoffs is better. I think that it would allow for local confrences, teams can play locally, which would help with travel issues and money issues. It also makes teams schedule tougher teams. If they don't accumulate enough points they don't make the playoffs. So by beating a bunch of 2-8 teams you have kept yourself out of the playoffs. I think the Ohio version of the playoffs should be looked at by the KHSAA. It would solve a lot of the arguments about who deserves in. I can guarntee that an 0-10 wouldn't be in the playoffs.
  8. Haven't heard much about this this year. When and where are the nominations due?
  9. I could see doing it if you had a lot of injuries, but Bourbon had close to 70 players when I saw them.
  10. Amen. Matney has never taken a knee. The things he told the Ashland paper were untrue.
  11. I have heard that Bourbon plays a lot of their varsity guys on JV. Is that true? And if it is, does theat make winning the JV confrence any less.
  12. The KHSAA sent out an e-mail several weeks ago to the ADs, coaches, principals and supers, to inform them of the reclassification. It said that the only thing that would be taken into consideration when asking for a move in class was "geographical concerns" What has been posted in other threads is accurate, as far as who is supposed to play in what class. My concern is not that someone might be allowed to play up, but what the motivation of the move is. Some of those on the list have no geographical argument. I believe the KHSAA wants to move a couple of schools around to keep the classes "balanced". That is their right. They are the governing body, but just call it what it is. Tell everyone why you are doing it.
  13. Wasn't officially a forfeit. Iroquois cancelled the game. West picked up Tates Creek at home on September 24 to replace this game.
  14. Woodford was 5-6 last year. They beat Bardstown, Bryan Station, Montgomery, Franklin Co. and West Jessamine. Struggled with stopping the run all year. They have a good group returning, but have to replace an outstanding QB. They throw it all over the place.
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