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  1. I have coached in both Kentucky and in Georgia, the talent level difference is night and day. Both in quality and quantity. Take trinity to georgia and put them in any of the 8 regions (regions are like districts in Ga.) in Georgias large class and they would not make the playoffs in in 6 of the 8 regions. That tells you a lot about the difference in the two states. It is a totally different game in Ga.
  2. Sphire is not going to McCracken County. Not even interviewing for it. A former assistant of Sphire's is interviewing though.
  3. Easy to say when you have the best talent in the Ky/Ind area. No disrespect to Trinity, but you all play by a different set of rules thn the rest of the team in Ky other than St. X.
  4. Make it 30 points in the 4th qtr. or if the trailing team wants to invoke it at the start of the 2nd half if his team is down by an insurmountable margin.
  5. This is not a "chop" block. This is not illegal. The defender makes first contact with the offensive player against the upper body. In order for it to be "an illegal block below the waist", contact has to be initiated against at body part below the waist (the legs). Contact in this case as you can see is against the offensive players chest and forearm.
  6. Is anyone else having trouble with the webcast. Mine is terrible.
  7. Meade Co. going to the finals. Gohard will be in Bowling Green next weekend.
  8. How dumb is it to have 6 classes? The districts and regions are spread out way too far. Boone Co. @ McCracken Co. That will be a huge gate. I'm sure Boone will take a ton of people to the game. That is a 300 mile trip, ONE WAY, for a first round, not third or fourth round game.
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