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Hiking trails in Northern KY


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I just recently became aware of hiking trails at the Highland Cemetery in Ft. Mitchell. They are really nice. Over four miles over 150 acres. So I started wondering if there are some other trails that are well kept secrets in NKY. Anyone have suggestions?


Here is a link to the Highland trails if interested.



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There's also one out in Boone County not too far from the Dinsmore Homestead. Gimme a few and I'll come up with it.

Not to thread jack....

Dinsmore Homestead is a Boone County treasure! Check it out!

Interesting trails at Big Bone park as well.

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Thanks. She just turned 2 and will hike those trails for 2+ hours. Think we went over 2 miles today with her running up and down the hills until the end. I can see cross country races in her future... :lol:


Did you run distance or sprints while at Lloyd.

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