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  1. The polls will usually skew towards the NKY teams. There's simply more active BGP's members from the NKY area. I think if each team plays its best game, DeSales by 10. With that said, NewCath has shown steady improvement through the season and will win if the Colts bring anything less than than that. :bunny:
  2. I've let mine ripen all week long... :lol: But seriously...when travelling to the home field of a "flash-in-the-pan" opponent is when you need to be extra careful.
  3. LOL... I said the exact same thing last year about this same game (but in reverse, of course). :lol:
  4. You're right. I wrote before remembering Coach Schneider has missed the end of the season. My sincerest apologies to you and the rest of the NewCath faithful.
  5. Of course, you all realize what happens when a high scoring shoot-out is predicted, don't you ?!? It'll probably be 6-3.
  6. LOL... This would be the "I don't feel like driving" special for Watusi. Honestly, it's hard to go wrong this Friday. There are good football games all over the place. :thumb:
  7. I think it's mandatory to start this thread at the end of each season... :sssh: :lol:
  8. Toots, dude !!! I'll be soooo disappointed if you don't come to Prestonsburg Friday...LOL. It should be a FUN, well-played ballgame. Besides, you'll save some driving time vs. some of the other games mentioned in this thread. If you come to Blackcat Alley, your dinner is on ME. We could meet at "Pig in a Poke" for some awesome pulled pork before the game... Competitive ? You have #3 hosting #4 in the BGP 2A rankings...
  9. I'm not sure either defense can stop the opposing offense. Prestonsburg's run defense is good, but it's of the "bend but don't break" variety. Meaning, it gives up a lot of yards, but rarely a long one. If Corbin doesn't lose patience and keeps it between the tackles, the Hounds could move the ball all night. Through the air, 1 or 2 surprise passes may connect, but Corbin will NOT want to fall behind and be forced to test the Blackcat secondary - P-burg has been very tough vs. the pass. Prestonsburg's offense typically passes to set up the run. The running game is predicated on speed, not power. The Blackcat linemen are a little undersized, but extremely mobile and pull to the edges better than any P-burg line I remember (and that's a LOT of teams). If this game ends up a high scoring affair, the advantage goes to P-burg. If this one plays like last year's game (mostly a defensive game), Corbin has the advantage.
  10. I don't know how many times I've seen this now. Unless Belfry changed teams from the beginning of the year, Belfry was MUCH larger across the lines than Prestonsburg this year (and HAVE been since 2001). You all were bigger than Pikeville, Paintsville, Shelby Valley, Pike Central. Sheldon Clark's front size was comparible. No, Belfry was "undersized" only in comparison to other Pirates teams of 2002-2008.
  11. Absolutely... Here's hoping they keep it up.
  12. Wow...closer game than I thought it would be. Had to have been a nail biter !!
  13. Congrats to Shelby Valley on a solid season. But...can hardly wait for next Friday's game...it could be a classic in P-burg!!
  14. Absolutely signature win for the Hawks !!! Pike Central vs. Sheldon Clark for the Regional Title...who'd a thunk it ?!? :thumb: :sssh: :thumb:
  15. It was 35-0 at the end of the 1st, and 61-7 at the half... !! I don't get what Middlesboro was doing on defense. They crowded the line of scrimmage from the first P-burg series. The problem, and what made this game such a runaway, is the Jackets never backed off and dropped more DB's into coverage. They also surrendered 3 fumbles. Prestonsburg likes to pass to set up a running game, but Middlesboro refused to switch to pass coverage. This setup was tailor made for P-burg QB Michael Burchett. He sat in the pocket and passed for 5 or 6 first half TD passes - and they were all over 30 yds. in length. The second half was a running clock with the P-burg backups. Corbin comes to town next week...I'm already anticipating a GREAT game !!!
  16. LOL... It's commonly recognized I-75 splits the state geographically. Richmond sits right on it. EKU, in reality, is Central Kentucky University. Morehead is actually the closest true Eastern Kentucky University since EKU was switched from Prestonsburg to Richmond in its planning stages (thanks to a large bequethment of a Clark Co. native, btw). But the problem with MSU, of course, would be a woeful lack of hotel space.
  17. Shelby Valley plays a style of football reminiscient of the 1950-60 era. They're hard-nosed and don't quit. Corbin will NOT want to play catchup against the Wildcats, as the SV offense does a great job of moving the chains. IMO, this may be a very close game... :sssh:
  18. oops... My bad. I AM one game ahead. I thought you were implying I was "assuming" a Central win from before. My apologies. :isurrender:
  19. Yes, I mean that. Central began 0-4 and many (even some of their fans) jumped off the bandwagon they've built over the last few years. While the "goal" is a Title and the team will play hard and loose to get it, it's certain they'll have enough perspective this season to appreciate its ultimate success - to whatever point that leads. Do you REALLY believe a successful football season can only be attained with a State Title ?!?
  20. Completely... I know you're implying I'm making a cut at CovCath, but my statement was predicated by the quote: "If Johnson Central gets by Cov. Cath. next week...". Go back and check it yourself. And...don't stir the pot, please.
  21. I'd guess BOTH. A team can never have too many good coaches, as long as they can work together.
  22. It's just that the -smart- HHS fans (both of them ) know when NOT to contribute to a thread. I think jude has it right - HHS = NYY.
  23. If this Sheldon Clark team plays disciplined ball and keeps check of their emotions, it's a very dangerous team. I saw glimpses of this team's capabilities in the 2nd half of the P-burg/SC game. The Cards took themselves out of their regular season matchup with Belfry (not that the Pirates needed the assistance - they rarely do). Would LOVE to see the rematch next week at Pond Creek. It should be a good one. :thumb:
  24. Maybe, maybe not...but it means they earned the state Semi game !! That alone would automatically mean they're one of of only 4 surviving teams in 5A. Not bad for a team that began 0-4. You see...Johnson Central, if the winning continues, will have NOTHING to lose in Ft. Thomas. It will already have been a great season for them. That kind of setup usually makes for a dangerous ball club. Either way, I'm not sure why you feel the need to throw cold water on the JC Eagles ?!?
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