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  1. Prestonsburg held a 12-0 lead on Mayfield in the '93 2A Title game with 5:00 remaining in the game (this was the P-burg team that upset the great Danville team the week before). The Blackcats had a blown coverage to surrender a long pass and a fumbled snap on a subsequent punt leading to losing the lead. Then after that had a winning TD called back by a holding call and a winning FG miss by Bottom line... it relates as "snatching defeat from the jaws of victory". And yes...that game is still talked about in Prestonsburg (just as this year's game will be talked about in the Lone Oak community for many years). :bunny:
  2. With all due respect...unsportsmanlike penalties aren't called on teams trying to "get out of the way". :sssh: But nevertheless, congratulations to Ft. Campbell on the BEST consecutive stretch of championship football in the history of class 2A !!! That's quite an accomplishment... :thumb:
  3. Why couldn't the Colts have some of this "3rd down confusion" and "snaps over the QB's head" last week ?? :sssh:
  4. Wow... Lost the audio at the 5 min. mark, but having figured it was over, didn't try to get it back. Sounds like I missed a few things... :eek: Unbelievable that Lone Oak went away from their offense in the 4th qtr. Still thought the missed 2 pt. conversion and subsequent stop by the Flash's D was gonna save their bacon. But...you give a good team (and in the Finals, they are ALL good teams) a chance and you never know what will happen. This is the most bitter kind of loss for Lone Oak. They'll be talking about this game in that community for many, MANY years. As a Prestonsburg fan, I can relate (from '93) - hate it for you guys. :cry:
  5. Absolutely... There's much less carry over from year to year as most seem to assume. :bunny:
  6. Besides Lawrence Co., Coach Williams had served as head coach at Prestonsburg, Bourbon Co., Johnson Central, and Paintsville. and FWIW... It became his trademark, but he didn't wear the flip-flops for "show". He had a very good reason. It always grated on me to read posts implying it was eccentricity on his part. Very few are as plain-spoken and straight-forward as was Chuke. He was the type that "you'd better not ask the question if you don't want to hear the answer" - but there was never personal malice, though sometimes his passion (complete with foul language and arm waving) would be misread as such. One would never get lip service from Coach Williams. It's why he struggled in some of his more politically-charged HC positions. It's good his death comes the night before the State Finals. He wouldn't want to miss the games. :thumb:
  7. The lecture wasn't necessary because NOWHERE did I imply the Falcons are a 1-man team. My earlier prediction is just a feeling and... Andrews represents the single biggest advantage FC has over DeSales. But that's true only if he's not physically impaired. It's the reason I asked the question about his health status. And it didn't escape attention you didn't (or wouldn't) answer the question. :sssh:
  8. Is Andrews 100% for this Friday ? I've heard he's been nursing a sore hamstring and there's some talk of his favoring it some in last Friday's game... :sssh:
  9. The day English teachers get an excused (paid) day off to attend the State Spelling Bee or all academic coaches get to attend the State Academic Final is the day I'll say coaches should be excused to attend the State Finals. And I'll disagree with you on your "not begrudging" statement, BiB. I can't get paid if I'm not at work for ANY reason as I'm self-employed. I wouldn't like my taxes to pay for a day off for a coach simply because he's a coach. Call it spite if you want...LOL. IMO, this is a silly thread...
  10. Fort Campbell is rightfully the favorite. After all, the Falcons have been here and won twice with essentially the same team. With that said, and having seen DeSales first hand, the Colts have the whole package: size in the trenches, speed at the skill positions, a good leader at QB, good fundamental skill sets, intelligent game planning and playcalling, good special teams, and a very tough, disciplined defense. The only bad thing I can say about them is...their uniforms are a little on the muddy ugly side (LOL). I have the sneaking suspicion the game will come down to whether Andrews can carry Ft. Campbell on his back. DeSales isn't the kind of team to beat itself - the Falcons will have to earn it. It ought to be a very good football game !!
  11. Yeah, the "what ifs" is not a pleasant game. In this game, as in the Corbin game, the team started the game too tentatively. As such, P-burg found itself in a 2 TD hole and was on the verge of being run out of the stadium until a big defensive play (the batted ball and interception on the attempted screen) snapped the team into the game. It was easy to see the unsportsmanlike call was confusing for the players on the field. Now I understand why (DeSales was using a silent count and the defense was calling out adjustments). It was a big call as it gave DeSales the 1st down after having been stopped and 15 big yards in P-burg's end of the field. LOL, another "what if", I suppose. My biggest "what if" was calling a pass play when P-burg had the ball at their own 25 on 2nd and 3rd and 1 (~7 min. remaining in the 4th) . The Blackcats were within 4 points at the time. The difference is, this is a "what if" the team brought on itself - those are the regrettable kind. But in the big picture, if we could have known last summer this team would do as well as it has and get as far as it did, no one would be unhappy about it. It's been a 4-star season, IMO. And I think we might be seeing Mr. Burchett playing on Saturdays somewhere in the next few years. :bunny:
  12. This was an excellent ballgame. One that either team could have won. The difference came down to a couple of good breaks for the Colts and a couple of very good -surprise- playcalls. DeSales put good pressure on Prestonsburg's QB most of the night, yet Burchett still with an excellent game. The biggest play of game (and there were a lot of them) was the fumble right after halftime. The Blackcats had momentum and were moving the ball with the lead. The Colt rusher knocks the ball from the QB's hand and DeSales recovered. Good luck to DeSales in Bowling Green next week. You all have a very fundamentally good football team. ________________________________ It's been a great season for the Blackcats when not too many were sure before the season began it would even be a good one. A special "Thank you !!" to all the seniors...it was very exciting. You guys brought it every game. :thumb:
  13. Because it meant nothing to say it earlier as there was no evidence one way or the other. You know how opinions are. But it's hardly a new thing to see me defend 2A, then as well as now. :sssh:
  14. No...not even close to being able to use that term. Top tier 2A ? Always a threat to win the Title? Yes, those are true. But certainly NOT "domination". That means winning the tourney without a real scare - even Fort Campbell lost that designation Friday. I wouldn't bring it up if it weren't for all the claims made here when the member alignment of the 6 new classes was announced. Those claims stuck in my craw.
  15. I don't think you're giving your team enough credit. The Corbin defensive front was head-and-shoulders better than any the Blackcats have seen this year. The pass rush was controlled and yielded few running lanes for Burchett. P-burg only had one significant gainer on the ground and that was on a QB draw on a passing down. It's not easy to show a "physical, aggressive" style of play on the defensive side against this style of offense. Prestonsburg throws it all over the place. :bunny:
  16. That was exactly what I was alluding to before. There are two ways to approach beating a strong power running team: either bulk up and stack the LOS (meeting it head on and trying to stop it cold), or play the LOS in layers in preventing breakouts (forcing the offense to run a lot of plays). It's either "brick wall" or "molassus" style defense... LOL. The first approach is all or none. It yields 3-and-outs, but it can give up HUGE gainers when the first wave of tacklers is penetrated. The second approach is prone to giving up drives and can put a team in a field position disadvantage, but...unless the offense is flawless for 10 or more plays, it will get the ball back without the same risk of giving up a big gainer. A lot of it is personel, also... Prestonsburg doesn't have the kind of size in the trenches to brick wall a strong power offense. Instead, it attempts to play off its advantage in speed in closing gaps and pursuing the ball. It gives up yards, but in small doses.
  17. You know I have to say this... :sssh: Once again, the playoffs are dominated by the "old" traditional 2A teams. The predictions NewCath, Danville, and Bardstown would "dominate" the reconstituted class were/are just plain WRONG. While these teams have been great additions (and make 2A even stronger), the bulk of the class's strength was there before the re-alignment. Contrary to popular opinion at the time, 2A was NOT a "weak sister" in the old classification. :thumb:
  18. Well... the squib is a muff, not a fumble, as the receiving team never gained possession of the football. Did that ball have some evil spin on it, or what ? It didn't make one honest bounce... Is it really legit to consider "turning it over on downs" as a "turnover" ? If so, they're being grossly undercounted in the scoring books and records. I agree on the 10 point swing at the end of the 1st half being a big turning point. And after the lead went to 3 scores...Corbin's offense just isn't designed to come from behind. :bunny:
  19. A few years ago, my team had opposing teams do that on KO's (we had a very good kick returner). And like your coach, ours always took the ball at the 35. I'm with you. I don't know why coaches that have a good returner don't force re-kicks. :sssh:
  20. Nice win, Colts... Looks like Prestonsburg's coming to visit again. I'll be there with bells on (figuratively, of course ). :thumb:
  21. Goodness, toots... my memory's not that good. Some highlights are in my post above. But... You missed a very good ballgame. Prestonsburg was able to string together enough completions to put the ball in the endzone 3 times. A great KO play at the end of the first half led to a 37 yd. FG to make it 17-7 at the half. The 2nd half was mostly a defensive struggle. P-burg stopped Corbin twice on 4th down attempts (a 4th and 2 at the P 40, and a 4th and 6 at the P 30). Prestonsburg scored after the 4th and 2 stop, I believe. Neither the Corbin fumbles or INT's led to P-burg scores, however the fumbles stopped two Corbin drives. One of the INT's was a poor decision by the Hound QB (threw into dbl coverage), but it occurred near midfield and led to no Blackcat points. The other INT ended the first half. :bunny:
  22. Corbin had more offensive production by 20-30 yds.. 95% of the Hound's came from the run, whereas 95% of the Blackcat's came through the air. This game is a great example of the biggest problem with the "3 yds. and a cloud of dust" play style. Even if an offense averages 4-5 yds./rush, it takes 12 or more plays to get across the goal line. Here's the point: it's far more likely something BAD (penalty or fumble) will mess the drive up than scoring the TD. The Prestonsburg defense is designed to take away big plays, both on the ground and in the air. Other than Watkins' (?) completion of a pretty HB option pass (which lead to Corbin's only score), it was very successful in surrendering NO big gainers (>15 yds) all night. Prestonsburg's offense took more than a quarter to get untracked. Burchett was off-target in the first quarter, and the receivers dropped a few open passes in the 2nd. It improved later in the 2nd and the Blackcats put together some nice completions to take the lead. Corbin's secondary was quick to the ball and did a good job minimizing yards gained after completions, however. P-burg's 2nd half scoring play was pure good luck. The Blackcats had the ball at the Corbin 10. The Hound defender made a nice break on an out pattern, but the ball bounced off his hands and into the hands of the P-burg receiver. Another 3 points came thanks to a great hustling play during a kickoff towards the end of the first half. A squib kick (after P-burg's 2nd TD) sent the ball to around the 20 yd. line. Craynon (#25 for P) beat the receiving team to the ball. Prestonsburg ended up kicking a 37 yd. FG. Score at the half: 17-7 Final: 23-7
  23. Boy...losing the starting QB is TOUGH luck for Henry Co.. It was looking like they had Central's number.
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