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  1. This game turned on a dime. Belfry marched straight down the field for the first score, then stopped SC on a 3 and out after a long KO return. The Pirates then threaten to go up 2 scores after a long drive, but can't punch it in after a penalty moved them back. Sheldon Clark's QB then breaks a big run from midfield before the half. Score at the break 7-6 Cards. Coach Hager and the Cardinal faithful had to like what they saw in the 2nd half. It was all Sheldon Clark's defense along with enough offense to limit Pirate possessions. SC plays for the district title next week at Pike Central.
  2. If this is correct... WOW The Black Bears are really putting it together... PCC is a good team !!
  3. Though Rowan winning is a surprise, for them to win by THIS margin is shocking !!
  4. I love it when ppl criticize other's grammar and spelling. It's rare to see it done flawlessly (if you know what I mean). LOL !!
  5. I'd like to know the answer myself, but...comparing this team to last year's: 1. This is QB Crisp's first year to start. As such, he's had periods of inconsistancy in his throwing mechanics. Mostly it's been his rushing passes at times. But to the good, he's made good overall decisions on where to throw it - and when to pull it down and run. Also, he seems to know the limits of his ability. Last year, Burchett had great mechanics and as a result was extremely accurate. But at times he'd go too far in trying to make a play (a few worked, but others didn't). 2. The receiving corp is a tad better this year. The loss of Hall, Blackburn, and Tincher has been covered by Jamerson, Slone, and esp. Williams. Griffith is improved as a receiver. 3. The RB position is improved at FB with a year's experience for Collins, but otherwise, seems a wash. The backfield misses (both last year and this) a TRUE speedster. Perhaps Anderson (Fr.) could provide it, but the staff is hesitant to put him in harm's way - he's the backup QB. 4. Blocking seems stronger inside, but has lost a bit on outside runs. This could be because Prestonsburg has gone away from the pitch sweep and hence (or they've gone away from it because the blocking has lost a step). 5. The defensive front is stronger on the line, but has fallen a bit at the LB position. The LB corp misses McKinney's nose for the ball. 6. The secondary started well behind last year's unit, but has been closing the gap as the year has progressed. Coach Chirico is doing his usual magic. 7. The kicking game is strong on KO's, the same on punts, but has shown inconsistancy on FG's. The return teams aren't much changed. This is how it looks to me so far... :bunny:
  6. "...every year since Matney came to Johnson Central." Though I agree it may now be time to put the past behind and set a P-burg/JC game, there's more history about this issue that extended well before Coach Matney took the Central job. You see, for many years before that Prestonsburg was the team that had difficulty scheduling games against local teams. Central habitually turned P-burg down in scheduling games. So, Prestonsburg is now doing nothing more than what Central did to it over years before. But hopefully, this is soon to be a buried issue. The years on either side are approaching even. :thumb:
  7. Coach John Derossett played for Prestonsburg in the early '80s. I think coaching at one's alma mater may make the wins/losses more emotional, but mostly toward the beginning of his career. The biggest advantage, IMO, the home crowd will be more patient in letting him establish what he wants to do.
  8. You're most welcome, toots... Hey...I'm planning to come to the Belfry/SC game this evening. I'll look for you there !!
  9. It's been a number of years since Lloyd Memorial has put really good teams on the field (well before the new classification system). Actually, I suppose the same can be said for Newport. What's happened to bring down these two traditionally respected programs ??
  10. The last 2 years, this was a very good game. Not the case now, however, as SV is now in re-build mode. P-burg should roll in this one...
  11. 4. Murray - your assertion is correct with this one. But last year's playoff performance should be considered. This team had light graduation losses and were the ONLY team to put Ft. Campbell's back to the wall. But with Murray's habitually weak schedule, they'll need to beat Caldwell Co. convincingly to stay where they are. They have ZERO chance of moving higher unless 1-3 falls apart completely. 5. Monroe Co. - win vs. Edmonson Co., BUT game at Glasgow next week will be -much- more telling. 6. Prestonsburg - wins over Belfry and Sheldon Clark. They'd be higher if not for the baffling loss to Breathitt Co. earlier. 7. Danville - win vs. Mason Co. and played competitively vs. Southwestern. 8. CAL - already talked about. 9. Corbin - already talked about. I'll say this...these teams (PLUS Glasgow, Cov. Holy Cross, and maybe Green Co.) are ALL close enough that one week's performance (good or bad) could shake the entire listing up.
  12. I don't agree with your first comparison (Glasgow over Corbin), but I find myself on the cusp on the 2nd (Glasgow over CAL). Glasgow's can't escape the fact that they played dead even with a winless E-town team. Also...the only really good quality team they've played is AC-S to whom they lost badly. Corbin hasn't been outstanding, but they have won the games they were supposed to in convincing fashion. They've also been competitive vs. Hazard (at Hazard). Consistancy matters. CAL -did- play competitively with Cov. Holy Cross at HC. It isn't as bad a loss as you lead on as HC is a quality team. LCA isn't what it has been, but they're still not bad. Losing to a team being in a lower class does NOT hurt a team as much as you think. All matchups must be individually considered. Personally, I give very little weight to indirect comparisons (team x beat team y...team y had beaten team z...so therefore, team x is better than team z). Far too many variables involved.
  13. Absolutely !! The Blackcats haven't really had a serious district opponent since Belfry and Sheldon Clark left for 3A a few years ago (with the exception of Shelby Valley last year). If it weren't for Mason Co., I guess the Devils could say something similar. There's an excellent restaurant not 500 yds. from Blackcat stadium called "Pig in a Poke". They smoke some of the best pulled pork and beef brisket you'll ever taste !! But...you'll need to come EARLY because the place is a madhouse Friday and Saturday evenings.
  14. Going to repeat myself here... If you have a particular team(s) in mind who should be in the rankings, also designate who you think they should replace. IMO, it creates a far more interesting discussion. After all, if there were room for 12 teams in a "Top 10", it would be a less interesting topic. :lol:
  15. This begs the question... Who are the "2 or 3 others" in the ranking you'd put below Glasgow and Washington Co. ??
  16. There's already quite a bit of history between the two teams. The schools are ~ 1 1/4 hrs. apart, so I doubt distance will be too much of a problem. :ylsuper:
  17. Can't get away with that when you're ranking them.
  18. After P-burg defeated Matewan handily last year in WV, many of the Blackcat expected the team to roll in this one. But...the Tigers demonstrated much a team can improve in a season. This was a wild one. Prestonsburg comes back from a 28-13 deficit in the last 6 mins. to tie. The Blackcats missed a short FG with 7 secs to bring OT. P-burg scored on its first play on its OT possession, but missed the XP. The defense completed the effort in intercepting a Matewan pass in the end zone on 3rd down. :bunny:
  19. 2A will miss the Falcon's presence, for sure. But...3A needs all the help it can get. :popcorn:
  20. Nope...I've spotted a couple of "2A is down" inclusions in posts on the site. LOL...
  21. While it seems to be a hobby for some on BGP's to regard 2A as "weak", I think it speaks volumes to the contrary a coherent rationale for excluding Washington Co. from its "top 10" exists. If Washington Co. was 1A or 3A, they WOULD be present. That's all I want to say about that.
  22. Breathitt Co. may be the most schizophrenic team since...well...last year's Bobcats. After watching BC's effort in the Honey Bowl (they thrashed Prestonsburg), I would have sworn the Bobcats were dang GOOD. But...they haven't shown anything remotely close to that since. Unless they had a number of injuries or other things keeping important players sidelined, it makes ZERO sense. Frankly, I don't get it.
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