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  1. This was a GREAT night for Allen Central football. They made history last night... This win was the FIRST home playoff win of a Floyd Co. team outside Prestonsburg in the history of the playoffs. That group includes Betsy Layne, South Floyd, Allen Central, and a little further back, Wheelwright. McDowell was also a Floyd Co. high school, but they didn't play football. Go REBELS !!! :ylsuper:
  2. Wow... You're looking for the Falcons to average 50 per game through the Final ?!? :sssh:
  3. You're kidding with this poll, right ?!? This is worse than the Middlesboro crowd from years ago. (I am soooo tired of the Bird horn-tooting) :ohbrother:
  4. I -believe- Harlan plays next Friday at Pikeville.
  5. The Patriots made this one look worse than it might have otherwise been. They went for it on 4th down the first 3 times they had the ball (twice in their own half of the field) and turned it over. 48-0 at the half. P-burg's second team opened the 2nd half with a running clock. Knott Co. seemed to always leave at least one man uncovered when the Blackcats spread it out and Burchett usually found him. I think the Blackcat QB had 4 or 5 TD passes before bowing out at the half. Middlesboro visits the Pit next Friday.
  6. It's a good year in 3A to get hot and make a late push. There's really no overwhelming favorite in the entire class, especially in the east.
  7. Be careful coming up to P-burg next week, Jackets. They'll be a lot of hunters on the road heading to their campsites/motels Friday afternoon and evening.
  8. Don't know what happened to the Vikings toward the end of the year. They were looking pretty tough earlier. Perhaps injuries ?
  9. Hope someone at this game logs on. I'd LOVE to hear the recap... Congrats, Hawks !!
  10. I don't think I've heard of a high school back getting so many carries. Mr. Sowder gets my vote for "Iron Man" player of the night...
  11. How do you get that ? The Cardinals shut out the Devils 23-0 after the break. I wouldn't take that as a good sign if my team were due to play SC next week. If Sheldon Clark stays disciplined, they are a VERY dangerous team. The confidence they were sure to gain in this one makes them that much tougher.
  12. This is true. Central re-discovered the fumble bug in the 2nd half and turned a boring run-away into something a tad more interesting. Scott played hard until the final horn. Sowder (sp?) had a LOT of yards. I think the announcers said he carried the ball 41 times !! Central with >500 yds of offense, and Scott had ~300 yds.
  13. LOL... They must be pretty close to spot on. No teeth gnashing seen anywhere. :thumb:
  14. Last year, the big Corbin FB (Campbell?) was THE difference in the game. Prestonsburg's defense couldn't handle him at all after halftime. Has Corbin seen many passing teams (other than Leslie Co.) this year ? And I think DeSales will come out of Region 3. They'll be a LOAD, for sure.
  15. I actually read somewhere Bowling Green has one of the highest restaurants per capita rate of any city in the country. I don't know why anyone would research a thing like that, nor why I remember it... Entertainment ? The Corvette Museum is a COOL place to visit. And Louisville doesn't have one ( ).
  16. You may be right, but it IS a radically different P-burg offensive scheme. The defense is similiar to last year's, though maybe a step quicker. :bunny:
  17. Ft. Campbell is as heavily favored to win this year as were the Ads in 1993. :sssh: I don't know if anyone can come within 30 points of the Falcons, but the games are actually played for a reason...
  18. For point of reference, what is the DATE of these games ??
  19. Haven't seen you around in awhile. Maybe now I won't feel so lonely.
  20. Good spectator's ballgame... Shelby Valley kept the ball between the tackles the entire game, not being shy to use all 4 downs, and dominated time of possession. Was 14-12 at the half. SV opened 3rd qtr. with a 7 min. drive, but were stopped on 4th and goal. Prestonsburg then drove 99 yds. to put it out of reach. Prestonsburg kept the ball on the ground as the Blackcats were unusually conservative on offense all night. Congrats to SV on a really hard-fought game and to P-burg in continuing its undefeated season.
  21. The Vikings have travelled under the 4A radar all season.
  22. Absolutely...the road to Bowling Green from the East goes through Corbin (even though District 7 gets home field advantage this year). Ft. Campbell is as much a favorite to win 2A as Highlands is 5A. But it's more fun to play the games out, don't you think ? :bunny:
  23. Only if the game can be played somewhere other than the Rock. There was some controversy regarding two SC TD's. :sssh: The first was a 4th down run that was actually caught on film by SportsOvertime (WYMT's sports show) showing the runner stacked at the 1 and even laying on the ground a yard short of the goalline. The second was a called TD when the ball popped out as the runner was muscling across the line. Not wanting to detract from what was a very good ballgame, but I'm glad the game's result didn't hinge on the 13 points these calls represented. :bunny:
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