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  1. That is true, the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan gave stability to soldiers at Fort Campbell for nearly 10 straight years which helped considerably to Fort Campbell's program so much. Now folks are back to being moved every couple of years so that transition happen every year again. And that does not even account for the situations where the parents, for whatever the reason is, decide to move off post. If you haven't noticed, Tristan Luke is no longer at Fort Campbell, his parents opted to move off post so now he is in Clarksville, TN. Until a few years ago, Fort Know was a training post, so they were not getting families stationed there much. Since that has changed, they have been moving units in and out which causes even more problems with the schools ability to field sports teams due to the constant turnover.
  2. A Soldier is not going to consult with the AD to get his leave approved, the AD would have no idea about this type of stuff, especially when he is planning the schedule up to a year or two in advance and the soldiers leave is more likely less than 6 months in advance based on Army requirements
  3. Keep in mind, all of these 'so called parents' as you put it serve in the military (or their kid would not be at Fort Knox) so this could be one of may two or three times at most during the year that they could take leave without pulling the kid out of school.
  4. I am not talking about non district games, I am talking about district games. Play better in the district and there is not a problem. I agree the tie bereaker system is flawed, but if a team wins all of its district games, the tie breaker does not make a difference. It would have been better for them to lose their one game to a non-district team and win all of the district games, then they would be the number one seed.
  5. You keep saying this, but if they really had the best record in the district they wopuld be hte district champions and the #1 seed. Obviously, if they are not the #1 seed, tehy did not have the best record, they tied for the best record (with others). Maybe they should have played those teams better. Sooner or later the regular season has to mean something or why bother playing it, lets just have a few weeks of scrimmage games and go into the playoiffs. Oh, wait. We are already doing that now.
  6. What I am saying is that is wasn't fun losing out that way, but I would still see that happen (since things like are rare) than to see what we do right now sending all of these teams into the playoffs that have won a game, or only 1 or 2 games, in an entire season. Almost every one of those games (with 0, 1 or 2 win teams) are not worth playing or the risk of injury to those plauing. If you do not play well in the season (at least in your district) then shut up and stay home.
  7. I was in a 4 team district with 2 teams tied with 1-1-1 district records. We did not go to the playoffs because of the a coin toss. Kind of sucked but it was better than seeing teams go 0-10 and 1-9 making it into the playoffs.
  8. Other sports have district tournaments, football does nto. it is not really the same thing.
  9. Zero upsets or 16, it doesn't matter. It does not make it right in my opinion. Go with the top two teams in each district. If you can not play well in your district you did not earn a chance to play another game. To me, it isn't the issue of blowouts or upsets, it is the issue of earning the chance. Before you know it, we will be voting on championships and have a team playing for the championship that did not even compete for its district title (kind of like last years BCS title game). SOLUTION: Go to five classes with eight conferences/districts each. Top two from each district goes to playoffs with the district champions seeded 1-8 and runner-ups playing a district champion on the opposite side of the bracket. Would likely increase some travel time time (but some of them are already as long as heck).
  10. 7 - Butler County 5 - Henderson County 3 - Taylor County 2 - Apollo 1 - Trigg County TB - Henderson County
  11. If you look it up, there have not been a lot of winners from the big city schools. All kinds of smaller schools on the list and quite a few from Western Kentucky and there are not a lot of big city schools over here.
  12. 7-Owensboro Catholic 5-Butler County 3-Ballard Memorial 2-Bethlehem 1-Heath TB - Butler
  13. 7-Warren Central 5-Warren East 3-Butler County 2-Marshall County 1-Fort Campbell TB-Warren East
  14. 7 - Warren East 5 - Henderson County 3 - Hopkins County Central 2 - Adair County 1 - Owensboro TB - Warren East
  15. 7 - Franklin-Simpson 5 - Glasgow 3 - Adair County 2 - Calloway County 1 - Ohio County TB - Franklin - Simpson
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