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  1. My best is right here looking down at me now from my office wall. He's an eight pointer with a 22 in. spread... what's interesting is he has NO brow tines!! He'd have been a 10 if his genetics weren't a little strange. Killed him with a Remington 7400 30-06. Now I hunt with a Browning 7mm Mag. bargedawg.... I got him on Little Cat. Bet you know where that is.... LOL
  2. Mr. Network.... You messages get "full" when total messages (in-box, AND sent) get to 11. At least my "full" messages stopped when I cleared out my "sent" folder. VERY nice thing you're doing!!
  3. YES... Montgomery County is the host for the Recreation Bowl. The stadium is in Mt. Sterling. It's the nicest facility for high school football I've ever been in.
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