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  1. Actually, the game is at P-burg this year. The Blackcats won at Matewan last year. The Tigers are currently undefeated, but have played only cream puffs so far.
  2. LOL... Better lucky than good. Two different times in that run, a defender changed the QB's direction greater than he could have done himself. GREAT balance by the runner, though !!
  3. What's the biggest reason for the claim in this thread ? The 3 point OT win over PT at home ??? While Mayfield is certainly the 1A favorite, it's not exactly a juggernaut. Even Ft. Campbell, who WAS a regular season juggernaut in a tougher 2A last year, was taken to the limit by Murray. To answer the thread's question... I'd say the Cards would have a longshot's chance in 2A and 3A, but certainly not a "legit shot".
  4. oops....we were posting at the same time. Sorry to make some work for you...
  5. The Cardinals scored on the 2nd play from scrimmage on a long TD run by RB Avery Ray. But...after that, the Blackcats locked down SC's ground pound attack, including a HUGE goal line stand (the Cards were turned away after having it 1st and goal at the 2). The offense played smart, getting just enough big plays to put the Cards in the hole. It also did a great job running clock and protecting the ball in nursing its lead. :ylsuper:
  6. The Blackcats threw effectively in the first half, and ran well in the 2nd. Pikeville is looking better than it has the past 2 years, however. :bunny:
  7. The -only- thing missing from this Cardinal team is the "big play" ability. Without it, they'll continue to be susceptible to losing games like this. Dominating TOP is fine, but it isn't everything. One of SC's scoring drives was a 20 play drive !! Kudos to JC's defense in making Sheldon Clark earn every single point. Central OTOH, couldn't drive but had just enough big plays.
  8. Sounds like Coach H. is doing his thing again. It'll be very interesting to see what this Pirate team looks like at year's end. :thumb:
  9. This is one of those times where all you can say is...Breathitt Co. plain and simply whipped P-burg all over the field. Very good performance by the Bobcats !!
  10. Agreed... While it would be better played football and have more "nail-biter" factor later in the year, it's a long-running rivalry. Very fun games, indeed !!
  11. Actually toots, P-burg only capitalized on one of the muffs. The one in the 2nd half did no harm (even if it didn't seem like it at the time). The Blackcats DID cash in on an interception in the 2nd half, though. Belfry had 58 yds on 25 carries at the half. With Belfry's "always run" offense, that won't work obviously. While I'm -hoping- a good part of that is due to Prestonsburg's defensive front, Coach Mickey (on radio) mentioned the timing didn't look quite right yet on the Pirate 1st option. Beating the defense to the hole is vital on that play and the Pirates MUST execute that play effectively. Everything they do plays off of it. Very relieved to see Crisp handle the QB job for P-burg in a competent manner. Not flashy, but made no dumb mistakes and ran the plays as designed. Jamerson with a very good performance running, catching, and running after the catch (not exactly a first to hear that in this series...lol)
  12. Listened on radio. Had to miss game due to a family committment... The Blackcats seemed to get the better of it on both sides of the line, but neither team with sharp play execution. P-burg capitalized on 2 big miscues by Belfry special teams, giving the them a short field. Prestonsburg mixed the run and pass while Belfry mixed the run with more running. ;^) Score at the half was 14-0.
  13. I think you're right, Scribe. It's why I thought Prestonsburg might have matched up better with the Falcons than anyone else in the east. A FC/P-burg Final would have been a wild one. Though no one truly stopped the Blackcat passing game all year, the defensive front just wasn't big/strong enough to stop an error-free strong power game. That's what bit them against DeSales. It ended up going to who got the break in the 4th quarter...and the Colts came up big. :bunny:
  14. Continuing in the thoughts and prayers of us all...
  15. If things were reversed, someone from WKY says this ("Get over it.") while the NKY crowd never forgets the bad call. It's all perspective. :popcorn:
  16. T has upset X so many times in the Title game, one almost comes to expect it. Not this time, however. Congrats, St. X... !!! :thumb:
  17. I'm guessing BOTH. As it ends up, Hazard was probably the next best team in 1A. But...that's not provable or unprovable, nor does it matter. Everyone knows Mayfield will bring it again next year. The Cardinals are one of the consistantly good teams in Kentucky football. :thumb:
  18. Absolutely...another great year for Boyle Co.. :thumb:
  19. I thought the teams traded possessions after the last P-burg score and it was the 2nd possession when the Cards hit the big pass. But who knows? Maybe we're both getting old enough to lose memory cells... I'd LOVE to find a tape of that game somewhere. I've looked and looked. :idunno:
  20. That's partially true. But it will NOT remove the pain of losing this game.
  21. No...what I said was accurate. And what YOU said was also accurate. I only meant to recount the last 5 mins. of that game when the wheels fell off (the blown coverage and long pass came close to that point in the game). I wasn't implying P-burg went up 12-0 at the 5 min. mark.
  22. I disagree. Competitive to me means no dominant team. And this year, that's the definition of 3A. I agree with you on the comparison to 1A and 2A, however. It doesn't make 3A less competitive, it's just not as strong as the smaller classes (among the respective class's top teams).
  23. Please... Many coaches will make the mistake of going conservative with a 3 score lead. The problem is...Lone Oak quit going downfield with the ball which allowed the Rebels to bring the defense closer to the LOS (what titletownclown just said). It gave Boyle Co. just enough opportunity to tie the score in regulation. This one IS different from the other Boyle Co. titles. The Rebels didn't need help in the other games.
  24. No. See above. You're thinking of the game they still talk about in Murray.
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