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  1. Gonna be a hard row to hoe for any East team, but I have to say that Raceland and Hazard will be there alot! Mayfield's up & coming teams will have a shot at Class A for at least the next 5 years in the west along with Beechwood should be hard for ANY east team to win!!!
  2. I think "this" Mayfield team COULD stop the run and not sure what NCC could do passing against a strong Mayfield secondary. I have to think that Guhy at QB throwing the ball would be the difference to a strong WR corp for Mayfield. I have to say that #74 & #78 are very intimidating...thought #74 was very good. Mayfield wins 6 of 10...
  3. Congrats to NCC... I was shocked at the lackluster offense of OCath! I know the line of NCC had alot to do with it, but screens are NOT going to win a state title...
  4. Shane Ross will b the Card QB next year...he will b a sr...give Guhy a year longer.
  5. Domination isn't even the word! What a team this was to watch...congrats Cards!
  6. If Mayfield DB's play well, the Cards roll! Mayfield 46 Hazard 28
  7. Congrats on the year Bucklen....wish u could have seen this team in person!
  8. I would say 2-1 NKY...So Mayfield is favors using that method...our votes count 2x's...
  9. Good luck to both team! Let's go CARDS!!! Safe travels to all!
  10. Agreed...he and his cousin are legit...both sophomores and A/B students!!! The cousin, "Labront Scott" who plays mostly "D" is bigger and has D1 potential...he and Jackson are both hearing from several larger D1 schools!
  11. Saw where last night was the 10th running clock of the year for the Cards...that is a nice stat!
  12. Mayfield overcomes a weird night...down 0-14 early and rattles off 59 unanswered over the next 3 quarters for a continuous clock 4th! Congrats Cards...
  13. Bucklen, seems like we always talk about this time of year.... Mayfield driving again...settles for FG by Wynstra 39 yd FG is GOOD! MHS-59 LHC-14 end of the 3rd!
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