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  1. Doesn't say front porch. There is a big difference in having beer available and having it sit on the front porch for everyone to see. You like to embellish the facts.
  2. If anyone wants to listen in. Brian Richmond comes on later in the segment. ET 1 - 700WLW
  3. Actually might make some people think about coming to Beechwood because of the way this was handled. I would say most parents would want their kid to go to a school where there are high standards, no excuses and accountability.
  4. I don't think there are any transfers at Beechwood. There are however several families that chose to send their kids to Beechwood High School starting in 9th grade.
  5. I missed them talking on 700wlw at 1206 but this article is posted there. Not good info for the host of the party. article can be found here: Beechwood Football Players Suspended | Bill Cunningham - Cincinnati Reds - 700WLW - THE BIG ONE (Fort Mitchell) Beechwood School Administrators say two sets of parents told them they witnessed students drinking outside the home of Ludlow City Administrator Brian Richmond when they went to drop off their teens at a party there. They then took their kids home and alerted administrators. Eighteen Beechwood High School football players confessed to attending the party where underage drinking occured and that's a violation of team rules. They told administrators cases of Keystone Light were available for the taking outside the home. Fifteen players were suspended for their first violation and three were kicked off the team after having multiple violations. Fort Mitchell police say no witnesses have reported the incident to the police and until that happens an investigation won't be started. Read more: Bill Cunningham - Cincinnati Reds - 700WLW - THE BIG ONE
  6. So you are saying that the parents of every kid that just got in trouble act like idiots?
  7. Not all hats are sold by the Romney/Ryan Campaign. You can do an internet search and find thousands of sources for presidential campaign hats.
  8. Hopefully the Tigers will get their discipline back on track much like the example that Quickslick mentioned from the mid 2000s. Quick and appropriate. Then put it behind you and get back on track.
  9. "Strength does not come from winning your struggles, it comes when you decide not to surrender." - Bobby Bowden, Florida State
  10. Because he was the only player that could drive to the game! I'm surprised that there still aren't age limits associated with grade games. Here is the KHSAA rule for age: Sec. 1) Age Restriction Pursuant to KRS 156.070 (2) (e), a student who becomes nineteen (19) years old before August 1 shall be ineligible for interscholastic athletic competition. A student who becomes nineteen (19) on or after August 1 shall remain eligible for the entire school year. AS VOR said earlier. This kid won't be able to play his senior year and really barely made if for his Junior year.
  11. I'm hearing they got at least on of the Cov Cath kids wrong. Won't name the name till its confirmed.
  12. Why didn't Simon Kenton JV play Scott County? Congrats for CCH for finding this game.
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