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  1. Didn't Cov Cath also move up to 5a? If so, I find it hard to believe they moved up to have a local district.. You could have had a Highlands/Cov Cath/Scott/Holmes district in 4a.. As it was you had Cov Cath/Highlands/Dixie/Grant Co.. Where's the geographic advantage for either Highlands or Cov Cath?
  2. I really didn't think Lex Cath was the best team out of the west, but, they did beat them, so, hard to argue.. I had Central as the best in the west..
  3. I voted the same as you, yes on all but 2a and 6a.. I thought Trinity and St X were both better than Lafayette and Desales, OB Cath and CAL were all better than NCC, probably Danville, too, but, at least they did beat the Ads..
  4. Well, haven't you already voiced it several times in this thread.. We get it, it's a shame, now, will it upset you if I say, can you please move on..
  5. And, like I said, hate it for both sides, but, it is what it is and regardless what you or I or anyone else think, it's not changing, so, no sense in giving yourself a heart attack about it and may as well move on. No one knows what would have happened and it doesn't matter. It's over and done with. Move on. Put a cap in it. Whatever it takes..
  6. Thing is, the trophy is in the MHS trophy case and it ain't going nowhere.. Doesn't matter what may have happened.. It's all speculation.. I hate it for NCC and also hate it for Mayfield.. Despite that, it's over, get over it, punish the officials or whatever.. But, it's not either teams fault and when all's said and done, not going to change the outcome..
  7. Honestly, IMO, N.Laurel & Pulaski were better than Highlands and Southwestern could have played with them this year.. They were way off from the team they've been the last 6-7 years.. Maybe this was just one of those fluke years and they did, at least make the semi finals, so, I guess if that's the worst you do, it may not be that bad, but, it sure looked like they took a big nose dive in talent and execution this year..
  8. I fully expect S.Warren to improve it's scheduling.. It may have been weak this year, but, they still didn't have any trouble running thru the playoffs. People always criticize a weak schedule when that team gets knocked out in the playoffs. Well, it's hard to criticize when they win every playoff game, going away.. Doesn't that take a little bit of the weak schedule theory to bed?
  9. If, by chance, BGreen continues to dominate 5a and over the next 3 years, Highlands goes 0-3 in titles won, will they continue to request playing up or will they opt to go back to 4A, the class they actually qualify for, enrollment wise? With the Cov Catholic rivalry not really being what it used to be, is it that important that they stay in the same class as CC is in?
  10. Highlands better hope that BGreen somehow comes back to earth.. If they don't win a title in the next 3 years, I'd bet they decide to go back to 4a, the actual class they fit in, enrollment wise. But, by then, Mayfield could fly right by them, if they keep the pace they're on..
  11. In reality, I would love to see Pikeville and Beechwood move up to 2a.. That would balance things out a bit with those 2 playing in the east.. Someone needs to challenge NCC from that part of the state and right now, Danville is about it and who knows if that was a one time really good team and they go back to mediocrity or if they continue playing strong ball.. Beechwood and Pikeville would be strong nearly every year and one of them would have likely represented the east in 2a this year..
  12. I didnt make the rules..The starter said use the same side of the bracket they're on now and Beechwoods in the west..
  13. Who's grandson is Giron.. Thought I read somewhere that he was one of the coaches grandson.. If thats the case, hard for me to believe that he was even allowed not to play this year..
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