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  1. It don't matter how they look if they don't win.
  2. Apparently his father wasn't supposed to be at the BCS championship game, but wasn't Cam hugging his father at the end of the game? With all the talk about money/father, i see the one and done at AU - NFL =Violations???
  3. Thats is an awesome statement on what they got in this kid. If he keeps his nose clean, in the books and stays healthy - this kid could end up like Shaun Alexander did at Bama. He stood out in Texas at the Army All-American game and served as a Captain if I recall correctly. Best of luck to this young man and his future.
  4. I've said since he was being recruited, he will eventually end up with his hand on the ground. It is a great thing to have a kid like that from a small town go to a big time school.
  5. Will this hire be another African-American coach? If so, what candidates besides the mention of Frank Parks be a possibility?
  6. They looked like the best team, from top to bottom and well, i mean well coached. I wish Jim the best in what her pursues!
  7. If it is Rains, they need to allow him to build with his staff and his way. Winning may not be immediate but it will be a way the will build a consistent team down the road!
  8. This job pays more than Rowan Co. and that is a reason you will get lots of interest from a lot of different people. Who takes the job, have their hands full. Not only does a coach need to have a plan, great staff and patience.
  9. The crowds have been getting smaller and smaller each year. Its a shame that the sport that supports most of the athletics dept. doesn't have the fan / student support as it should.
  10. Would this be the first playoff win for Casey? No matter what, I am excited to see them building and doing well. I'll take Casey by 14
  11. Berea Community will be searching for a head football coach since their coach resigned.
  12. Maybe it’s the scheme, maybe its the coaching???? You can't put everything on 1 kid . It takes a team to compete and when a team has more talent, it’s hard to do well with mediocre talent.
  13. Ray is a man that cares for everyone like a Christian Man should. It’s a shame that the Henry Co. people want to criticize a man that bettered himself inside a Christian setting. I understand that timing was a horrible issue for the HC team, but it was what GOD has in store for Ray. I say let the horse be buried and go your separate ways and quit complaining about what if, and no one cares, etc... This is week 5 of the season and let what happened go and more forward.
  14. Ray Graham Head Coach of Lexington Christian Academy will be going for his 200th victory as head coach. If anyone knows Ray, they know what a quality man he is. Good Luck:thumb:
  15. Did Mercers or one of their coaches get ejected for coming onto the field and cussing towards the Boyles players? This what I was told from a family member at the game. Thanks
  16. Dunbar don't have a lot of numbers because Lawson came in and laid the law down. He weeded out the guys that want to hold up a jersey on Friday and not work to try to build a program. Dunbar must be improved from the previous 2 seasons, but still have a long way to go to be a competitive 6A football program.
  17. Is Ft. Knox running the triple option scheme? I have heard Ft. Campbell is down but I thought they might out - athlete Ft. Knox. That is why we chalk it up, line it up and play it.
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