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  1. Otis Redding Al Green-David Ruffin Sam Cooke Marvin Gaye-Luther Vandross-Ron Isley Frankie Beverly
  2. 5 minutes left Danville 26 Frankfort 12
  3. 10 minutes left in the game Danville 18 Frankfort 12
  4. Go with a good fence on which ever tablesaw you buy. It's the most important feature...
  5. Thanks Toolaidback. This Admiral is off to bed...goodnight folks
  6. Boyle co td after pick. Boyle 35-8..fat lady warming up...
  7. Boyle Co scores after long drive..Danville takes over. Fumbles two plays later. Boyle lineman runs fumble to endzone and fumbles Rebels get on it for the Td..28-8 Boyle Co..nearing end of 3rd qt.. lol. Sorry about the score mix up earlier..
  8. Wow! 18 seconds later. Boyle scores 56 yard pass. 14-7 Boyle Co..
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