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Track the Reds (Week 9)


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Week One- LRCW- Reds 4-2


Week Two- Gametime- Reds 2-5


Week Three- Gametime- Reds 2-4


Week Four- HammerTime- Reds 3-4


Week Five- OrignalRookie- Reds 1-5


Week Six- LRCW- Reds 3-3


Week Seven- LRCW- Reds 6-0


Week Eight- LRCW- Reds 2-5


The Reds open the road trip with losing a game they should have won, and they close the road trip the same way (thanks to math and baseballguy).:fight::fight:It goes from what could have been a pretty successful 4-3 trip to a 2-5 trip and yet another losing trip out west (what else is new), The Reds actually only lost a half game in the standings despite a 2-5 week. Let's hope the new week brings Jay Bruce, a DFA for Patterson, #600, another undefeated home stand, and someone to take Matt Belisle's spot in the rotation.

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Great effort by Patterson to get back to the wall and try to take away the HR. Or not. He better be gone tomorrow...


Rest assured that if Freel was in center he may have flipped over the wall. The guy is a terrible baseball player but he goes after everything.

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