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West Ky Small School Rankings - wk 8 poll

just 4 fun

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Post your Top 10 and I'll gather the results on Wed night and have the results out shortly thereafter. I'll start:


1) Owens Catholic

2) Mayfield

3) Ft Campbell

4) Trigg Co

5) Tilghman

6) Metcalfe Co

7) Fulton City

8) Caldwell Co

9) Russellville

10) Glasgow

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1. Ft. Campbell

2. O. Catholic

3. Caldwell Co.

4. Tilghman

5. Fulton City

6. Trigg Co.

7. Metcalfe Co.

8. Russellville

9. Glasgow

10. Mayfield

How in the world do you justify Mayfield at #10, not to mention Fulton City ahead of Trigg County, Metcalfe County and the Cardinals, among others?
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1.Owensboro Catholic

2.Fort Campbell





7.Fulton City





I have to say after seeing Hancock County play they are not anywhere near a top ten team. I think that thier win over McClean County was a good win, but that McClean was overrated by myself and others.

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How in the world does Catholic do it year in, and year out??????COACHING??????One of the best staffs in the state.


I think OC has a great tradition of success which is due to many things such as coaching, athletic students, and community support. However, I also think that private schools often have a larger pool of athletes to pull from because they are not restricted by school districts. I know this has been a controversial issue over the years, but many parents want their student-athletes to be part of a successful program and if moving into a district with a successful program isn’t realistic then attending a private school with a good program is an option.

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